Bruce Law Firm August 2017

August 2017

My Divorce Secret

This is a busy month at Bruce Law Firm, and I dispense more divorce advice than usual this time of year. August is one of the most popular months for divorce, often because the kids go off to college and the time is right for a split. As a result, I’m always getting asked for “divorce secrets.”Want to know my juiciest one?

I don’t really like divorces.

Seriously. I know better than anyone that a divorce can be the best thing for a family, but I’ve also seen divorces happen that could have probably been avoided. Those cases are tragic on several levels; not only does divorce split up a family and add undue stress and strain, but it also costs a lot of money and probably isn’t in the best interest of the kids. I’m not saying that all divorces can be avoided or that you shouldn’t get out of a bad situation. I’m just calling it like I see it, and I see at least a few divorces every year that could have been avoided.

have made all the difference. Sometimes, careers take people in different directions, or an indiscretion drives a wedge that, if handled just right, could be removed. Cases like these are why I started, a website filled with advice and tips for couples in all stages of marriage. The website places an emphasis on keeping the “good times” good. Maintenance is always easier than repair, and nobody wants to go through the stress of the bad times — or a divorce — if they can be happy and fulfilled in their marriage. When damage is done to the relationship, the website can help you figure out the right move and keep the marriage alive. Even “deal breakers” like infidelity or financial ruin can be overcome with healthy counseling and the right attitude. You may want out right now, but doesn’t your marriage deserve an honest attempt at resuscitation? The advice on the website is taken from the many marriage counselors I know, and they’ve helped me provide some excellent resources, as well. I know that not every marriage is worth saving, but if someone you know is thinking about calling a divorce lawyer like me, why not have them check out the website first? Or, call me, and ask for a referral to one of those great counselors I’ve come to know. If I can direct you toward help that might save a marriage for free instead of getting paid to divide it, I will happily do so. It’s a small price to pay for doing the right thing and keeping a little more love in the world.

“I knowbetter than anyone that a divorce can be the best thing for a family, but I’ve also seen divorceshappen that could have probably been avoided.”

In those cases, it’s usually pretty obvious what happened. Spouses drifted apart for too long, when a kind word or a little more time together would

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