Oregon Maintenance and Safety Manual, MMANUAL-EN AB

Chainsaw Safety

Create a Safe Work Space Caution • Plan a clear escape route away from cutting zone. • Scan worksite hazards: Check for limbs, power lines, dead trees, etc. • Calculate how the object being cut will fall. • Determine if the chainsaw may be thrown unexpectedly by the movement of the cut material. Body Positioning • If possible, position yourself away from the natural lead of the tree to avoid injury. • Never cut above shoulder level. • Never cut while in a tree or while on a ladder. • Use only a right-hand grip to hold your chainsaw (right hand on the trigger, left hand on the front handle). • Keep your left arm straight for better control. • Hold chainsaw firmly with both hands. Keep thumb firmly wrapped around front handle. • Stand to the side of the chainsaw, never behind it. • Stand with feet well braced and your body balanced. • Keep others a minimum of two tree lengths away from the cutting area. • Do not allow others to hold wood during cutting. Saw Operation • Run engine at full throttle. • Use low-kickback saw chain and a reduced- kickback guide bar whenever possible. • Keep the chainsaw, saw chain, guide bar and drive sprocket properly maintained. • Cut only wood with your chainsaw. Do not cut any other material.


Safety & Maintenance Manual

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