Oregon Maintenance and Safety Manual, MMANUAL-EN AB

Saw Chain Maintenance

How to Lubricate your Saw Chain 1. Keep your chainsaw’s saw chain oiling system filled with clean guide bar-and-saw chain oil. 2. Never put used oil or old motor oil in your chainsaw or on your saw chain. These oils have acids and grit that will shorten the life of your cutting system. 3. Be sure your saw chain, guide bar, and drive sprocket are always receiving oil from the chainsaw during operation. 4. Fill your oil reservoir each time you fill your chainsaw’s gas tank.

How to Tension your Saw Chain with Intenz ®

WARNING : Always wear protective gloves Read operation and handling warnings on previous page

1. Turn the engine off. 2. Loosen the guide bar mounting nuts on the side of the chainsaw. 3. Insert a screwdriver or Scrench in the Intenz ® slot of the guide bar. 4. Turn the screwdriver or

Scrench to move the guide bar forward, away from the chainsaw as far as possible.

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5. Tighten the back guide bar mounting nut, then tighten the front nut.


Safety & Maintenance Manual

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