Oregon Maintenance and Safety Manual, MMANUAL-EN AB

Saw Chain Maintenance

Square Filing Who Should Perform Square Filing?

Most chainsaw users will probably never need to use square saw chain, nor learn to perform square filing But in areas where the timber is larger and the guide bars used are longer, the performance advantages of square saw chain can outweigh the fact that square filing is more difficult and much less forgiving of filing errors File Positioning The file will sharpen the top plate, and the side plate, simultaneously This creates a line, (A), where the top-plate cutting angle meets the side-plate angle For best results, file so that the line intersects the cutting corner (B)



Correctly Filed Corner

Incorrect TOO HIGH

Incorrect TOO LOW

To properly sharpen the cutter, use the correct filing position, as shown here from three different points of view:



Side View

End View

Top View


Safety & Maintenance Manual

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