Oregon Maintenance and Safety Manual, MMANUAL-EN AB

Saw Chain Maintenance

4. Assemble saw chain to the preset tie-strap.

5. Assemble tie-strap with brandmark, dot face up, and the notch toward the drive link tangs. Assemble bumper tie-strap in the correct direction, with the notch toward the drive link tangs.

6. Be sure parts are assembled in the correct location, sequence and direction. Check "Parts of a Saw Chain" on page 14. If unsure, ask your Oregon® dealer. 7. To form rivet heads, use an Oregon rivet spinner. Follow the instructions packaged with the rivet spinner.

WARNING : Rivet heads must be snug and secure while still allowing all joined parts to move freely Rapid wear leading to possible saw chain breakage and personal injury can be caused by rivet heads that are either too tight or too loose Note: New rivet heads may be smaller and shaped differently than factory-spun heads.


Safety & Maintenance Manual

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