Oregon Maintenance and Safety Manual, MMANUAL-EN AB

Saw Chain Troubleshooting

17. Drive link tang turned up. Cause: Worn drive sprocket

Symptoms: Drive link tangs hit the bottom Remedy: Replace drive sprocket Sharpen drive link tangs as shown in the illustration below, if possible If not, replace the saw chain 18. Sides worn round or thin at bottoms. Cause: Guide bar rails have spread, or one rail has worn low, allowing saw chain to lean over Symptoms: Saw chain cuts crookedly Accelerated guide bar rail and saw chain wear Remedy: Have guide bar rails serviced by a dealer, otherwise replace guide bar Replace saw chain if wear is extensive or if problem persists NOTE: Also check bottoms of tie-straps and tops of guide bar rails for damage.

Sharpening Drive Link Tangs

Pointed drive link tangs help remove chips and debris from your guide bar groove Sharpen damaged tangs back to their original shape with a round file


Safety & Maintenance Manual

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