Oregon Maintenance and Safety Manual, MMANUAL-EN AB

Replace Guide Bar Nose

4. With the guide bar body, nose, and rivet solidly supported on a strong flat metal surface, peen the PowerCut TM rivet’s head down with the flat end of a hammer. Do not hit the guide bar body, hit only the rivet head. Strike only on the “X” side; To check installation, grip the guide bar body in one hand, and twist. Nose and body should feel like a single, solid piece. If not (if any movement in the nose guide bar joint area is felt, or if any

Dimple or “X” Side Up

clicking sound from the same area is heard), tighten the rivet with a few more hammer strokes. 5. File down the rails of new noses to align with the rails of old guide bar bodies. 6. Grease the new nose sprocket. Clean out guide bar grease hole before using lubricant. Pump grease into hole until excess grease appears around the nose sprocket teeth of the guide bar.

NOTE: Select a new nose sprocket with the correct pitch for your guide bar and saw chain.


Safety & Maintenance Manual

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