Oregon Maintenance and Safety Manual, MMANUAL-EN AB

Guide Bar Troubleshooting

Problem: Guide Bar Nose Conditions

10. Chipped rails or excessive rail wear just behind hard steel on solid nose guide bars, or near the nose on sprocket nose guide bars. Cause: Loose saw chain tension. Symptoms: Saw chain damage, saw chain throwing, shortened guide bar life. Remedy: Use proper saw chain tension ad invert guide bar on saw periodically to distribute wear. 11. Rails in tip of sprocket-nose guide bar spread, allowing loss of bearings. Cause: Accidents or irregular operating techniques twist the nose or push drive links sideways against the nose’s rails. Symptoms: Sprocket breakage. Remedy: Replace sprocket components. Keep guide bar nose away from objects not intended for cutting. 12. Sprocket in sprocket nose guide bar breaks. Cause: High saw chain tension, accidents, saw chain broadsided by log pulling saw chain out of guide bar rails. Symptoms: Guide bar nose sprocket no longer functions. Remedy: Replace sprocket components. Use proper saw chain tension.

Safety & Maintenance Manual



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