American Consequences - June 2021

Had enough? Me too. I could go on... But you’d want to kill me, and I’d want to let you. There is a Yiddish proverb: “Man plans. God laughs.” We’d better laugh the American Jobs Plan out of the House (and the Senate). It’s either laugh or cry.

Kids will be hoping for student deferments – or maybe not...

Funds also will be provided to improve our school kitchens, so

they can be used to better prepare nutritious meals and go green by reducing or eliminating the use of paper plates and other disposable materials. (Raw broccoli in cupped hands and sips from the drinking fountain for lunch.) But plenty of fresh air... In classrooms with poor ventilation... student absences are 10% to 20% higher. Open the f***ing window . If the kids play hooky that won’t be a problem either. There will be an... ... expanded tax credit to encourage businesses to build child care facilities at places of work. I work at home. My “places of work” is a child-care facility and has been since we had our first child in 1997. Can I get a tax deduction for every time I’ve closed my laptop and squashed Cheerios or a gummy bear into my keyboard? Finally, there is – despite very stiff competition – the winner of the Fact Sheet “Well, Duh” award: Research shows that increasing the pay of direct care workers greatly enhances workers’ financial security

SPECIAL THANKS To Randal O’Toole and Chris Edwards, distinguished scholars at the Cato Institute, for the generous help they gave me in my attempt to understand the American Jobs Plan. They have written prolifically and perspicaciously about what’s wrong with this mad scheme. If you want a more intelligent and detailed critique of the AJP than I am able to provide, you’ll find their work readily available on the Cato at Liberty blog and The Antiplanner (Dedicated to the sunset of government planning) website. And additional thanks, of course, to the Cato Institute itself – that best of free minds and free markets think tank.

American Consequences


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