American Consequences - June 2021

For instance, during the height of the pandemic in early 2020, many SPACs traded at 5%, 10%, or even bigger discounts to their cash held in trust. This means you could buy $1 worth of U.S. Treasury securities (where the SPACs typically hold their cash) for $0.93 and get the warrant and the huge upside for free. It was a short window, but an incredible opportunity... and one that doesn’t exist in the traditional IPO market. Recent Market Volatility With the recent pandemic-related global economic crisis, the opportunity for SPAC investments became much better... Remember, at the core, SPACs are experienced and sophisticated teams of investors with large pools of uninvested capital. You as an investor have the opportunity to partner with them and get a free look at their potential to deploy that capital. With the heightened market volatility, thousands of viable and vibrant businesses suddenly found themselves in desperate need of capital. The average SPAC is sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars of uninvested capital that it can now look to deploy, and these experienced investors will likely be able to deploy that capital with great returns. This might be the best opportunity they’ve ever seen... The powerful combination of an experienced

Enrique Abeyta graduated cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business. In addition to raising more than $2 billion in assets during his time on Wall Street, Enrique's impressive track record includes strongly outperforming the S&P 500 Index over a decade and serving as co- founder and CEO of digital media and e-commerce company Project M Group. The good news is, you haven’t missed a thing. With world-class investors like Ackman still on the search for a target – and big names like Goldman joining the party – the incredible returns from the recent resurgence of SPACs are just getting started... That’s why my business partner Whitney Tilson and I just put out a brand- new presentation detailing the massive opportunity in the SPAC market. In it, we share details on the No. 1 SPAC to buy right now. But you have to act quickly... The opportunity could be gone in a matter of days. Watch it right here. group of deep-pocketed investors, a target- rich environment, and the recent market crash means this could be the best time in history for individuals to invest in SPACs. Investors who bought shares of Virgin Galactic, DraftKings, and Hyliion at the outset had the chance for quick, multi- bagger returns. Virgin Galactic rose 270% five months after its SPAC took it public. DraftKings soared 500% in nine months. And Hyliion rose 420% in less than three months.


American Consequences


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