Trailridge Family Dental April/May 2019

our 2019 dental mission was a success!

Supplies brought: 445 hygiene kits, 19 blankets, 130 newborn kits, 650 pencils, 650 pencil sharpeners, 650 stickers, 10 ladies’ dresses, eight soccer balls, and four portable dental chairs. Sixteen team members: Dr. Allan Stevenson; his wife, Reggie, and daughters, Lucy, Eliza, and Ellie; Dr. Ryan Leininger; April Angeletti; Vernena Jorgensen and her husband, Jesse; Sheila Hartshorn and her husband, Rick; Ben Hulbert; and Dr. Vince Rigby, his wife, Jen, and sons, Spencer and John. Dr. Cameron Quayle, Dr. Tom Dance, Dr. Erik Curtis, and their families joined us for the first two dental days. Garden boxes: 12 assembled and 64 funded.

Dental Day Two

Guatemalan Moms

April, Sheila, and Jen

Dr. L and Jesse

April and Child

Moms With Babies

Garden Boxes

Ellie and Children

Making Garden Boxes





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