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Optical Connections is pleased to continue our webinar series in 2023. Developed in conjunction with the Market Focus Committee the webinar programme launched in early 2021 and we begin our 2023 series with a session on Sustainability, followed by a session on Support Systems later in the year. OPTICAL CONNECTIONS WEBINAR SERIES 2023


THEMES The themes will be as follows:

Fibre is probably the most eco-friendly means of enabling telecommunications in terms of the materials used and the manufacturing processes, particularly in comparison to copper. Components such as transceivers are becoming more power- efficient, meaning things like hyperscale data centres require less power. Also, many companies are revamping their production facilities to run on renewable energy in an effort to become a more sustainable industry. This webinar aims to cover all areas of sustainability with presentations from senior experts in the industry, financial analysts, and regulatory bodies. It relates not only to the financial and operational aspects of energy consumption and efficiency but also to its widest costs, including the environmental, social, and indirect impacts such as CO2 footprint; environmental management; eco design and its lifecycle; standardisation aspects; supply-chain management; e2e delivery; resources efficiency and optimisation; corporate social responsibility; stakeholder engagement; organisational engagement; and capability. SCHEDULE We are planning a 2-hour webinar with four or five speakers, to be scheduled as follows: • A brief 5 minute intro from one of the moderators • Five windows of 18 minutes or four windows of 23 minutes (15 or

Framing the issue , will look at the amount of energy consumption and the environmental impact that the networks have and are producing, with data covering and comparing the various part of the networks such as legacy switching, IP based switching, core transport, data centres, metro access and mobile networks. Definition of what sustainability means, in terms of both the overall absolute and relative operational, financial and environmental cost of energy consumption and related emissions, as well as the technology lifecycle itself, meaning the actual use for operation, maintenance, manufacturing, recycling and disposal. Future trends for bandwidth delivery versus overall energy costs and emission outputs, required to deliver the planned services evolution. Which technology is causing the most problems and which is best at potentially solving them, that is the split for electronics switching, processing and storage, as well as media technologies such as Radio, Optical and the overall electronics specific subsystems underneath. Social and corporate responsibilities and how to regulate them, the actions in the standardisation bodies, the new financial and economical paradigm affecting stakeholders and investors, where the environment and energetic issue cannot be considered a free and unlimited resources. Q&A session: This format should stimulate a Q&A session debating on the seriousness of the issue. CATCH UP ON DEMAND Our full webinar series is available on-demand. Revisit specific speakers or watch any webinars you may have missed. The list of webinars available is below, click to find out more about each one and watch online. OPTICAL CONNECTIONS WEBINAR SERIES IN 2022 • Webinar 1: Optical Communications – 4th May 2022 • Webinar 2: Fibre: how to monetise? – 27th July 2022 OPTICAL CONNECTIONS WEBINAR SERIES IN 2021 The 2021 webinar series features previous sessions which can be viewed on-demand including: • Close to the Edge: Fibre for any-haul in 5G access networks – 31st March 2021 • Replacing the copper infrastructure – 26th May 2021 • Managing the fibre network – 15th July 2021

20 minutes plus three min of direct questions) • 20 minutes of Q&A involving the whole panel • 3-5 minutes of closing remarks

The second webinar in the 2023 series focusses on Operational and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS), which are vital to most aspects of efficient network operations, from performance monitoring to billing. Traditional OSS/BSS vendors are developing fibre-specific systems to make the leap from copper-based systems. Interestingly NetCracker is soon to launch a system aimed specifically at wholesale infrastructure providers, as they feel that is an area of significant growth. GET INVOLVED! Interested in speaking at our webinars? The Optical Connections webinar series is a fantastic opportunity for 4 to 5 speakers to come together to discuss the latest industry developments. If you would like to be considered for a 12-15 minute live presentation in the webinar followed by an in-depth panel discussion with our webinar hosts please email webinars@opticalconnectionsnews.com with a 100 word presentation proposal, your name, job role and company name. SUPPORT SYSTEMS FOR FIBRE OPTIC NETWORKS, WEDNESDAY 21ST JUNE 2023

To watch previous webinars please visit https://opticalconnectionsnews.com/webinars/


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