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Go!Foton’s Midspan Clamshell Hardened Terminal

Honored by Lightwave’s 2023 Innovation Review, Go!Foton’s Midspan Clamshell Hardened Terminal (M-CHT) represents a major advance in optical connectivity management and a completely fresh approach to managing the proliferation of fiber drops in confined spaces for both inside plant and outside plant. By hardening the connection domain rather than the connectors themselves, M-CHT offers hardened fiber terminal functionality using standard fiber drop cables and connectors, delivering hardened connectivity without need for proprietary connectors and liberating network managers and

translates into enhanced supply chain diversification, simplified inventory management, improved lead times, faster field installation, and significant cost savings. The terminal supports a splice tray and optical splitters as well as other passive components, while its innovative mounting hardware supports pole, wall, strand, and below-ground applications. Its compact clamshell design provides an isolated IP68-rated chamber- and-latch for each individual connection, affording fast and easy port access and facilitating addition of new subscribers without affecting the service of live users. Available in 4-port and 8-port versions, M-CHT’s versatility makes it the perfect solution for a wide variety of telecommunications and data communications implementations. See M-CHT at OFC Booth #3714. Visit https://www.gofoton.com/ product/fiber-terminals/#MCHT_ Midspan_CHT

The isolated drop chamber design allows service providers to use bulk cable for subscriber drops with field installable connectors while maintaining the highest mechanical and environmental performance

required for outside plant performance. M-CHT’s unobtrusive footprint allows it to fit easily into the small spaces that characterize OSP environments, promoting quick, effective build-out of fiber networks. M-CHT deployment

technicians from the hardware restrictions imposed by today’s

dominant connector-centric approaches to termination.

New Packaged Photodetectors by Albis Optoelectronics

At the upcoming OFC 2023 exhibition in San Diego, Albis Optoelectronics will present its extended photodiode module product line. The compact, rugged and hermetic packages make the detectors ideal for installation in systems with limited space, operated under severe environmental conditions. Key strengths of the small sized 40 GHz photodetector PQS40A-L are its high responsivity of 0.8 A/W combined with a bandwidth of 40 GHz and high linearity up to an average photocurrent of 10 mA. For high power applications, Albis introduces its newly released PQW10B-L module. This high

power, highly linear microwave photodetector provides high responsivity of 0.8 A/W with a typical bandwidth of 20 GHz. The photodiode module enables high RF output power thanks to a linear response up to 50 mW average optical input power. Albis Optoelectronics is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of high-speed photodiodes. Since 20 years, the Swiss company offers the broadest portfolio of Telcordia qualified InP and GaAs photodiodes for datacom and telecom applications in the industry. All photodiode products are manufactured in-house in Albis’ dedicated clean-room facilities in Rüschlikon, Switzerland.

Product highlights include: PIN photodiodes for 10G, 28G, 56G and 112G digital and analog receivers; high power photodiodes and packaged photodetectors; low bias APDs

for 2.5G and 10G OLT/ONUs; 28G APDs for 28 Gbaud PAM-4 and 100GBASE-ER4 applications; side-illuminated monitor diodes and monitor diode arrays; photodiodes with integrated lenses and optical filters; hermetically packaged, short and long-wavelength microwave photodetectors up to 40 GHz.


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