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Nokia’s PSE-6s offers 60% network power cut

Nokia has launched its sixth generation Photonic Service Engine (PSE), which the company says is capable of reducing network power consumption by 60%. The PSE-6s supports a chip-to- chip interface that enables it to be deployed in pairs to power 2.4Tbps coherent line cards. This allows network operators to transport any combination of high-speed client services including 400GE and 800GE across metro, long-haul and subsea networks. With a three-fold increase in performance, PSE-6s -enabled platforms

support transport of 800GE ultra-high-speed services in metro and datacentre interconnect (DCI) applications, and with reach of 2,000 km and beyond, across long-haul networks and trans-oceanic cables. PSE-6s integrates the latest generation of 5nm coherent digital signal processors (DSPs) with Nokia’s CSTAR silicon photonics, powering the next generation of coherent transport technology operating at 130Gbaud and more, supporting up to 1.2Tbps of capacity per wavelength.

It also offers an upgrade path for network operators, allowing them to upgrade their networks to PSE-6s across the 1830 family of optical networking platforms including PSS, PSI-M and PSS-x, and over existing ITU-T WDM channel plans. Serge Melle, Director, IP- Optical Product Marketing at Nokia told Optical Connections, “One of the things that’s unique to Nokia’s 5nm generation is the continuously tuneable baud rate. What that essentially means is that on any given link, whether it’s a

200 kilometre regional link or a subsea cable, we can tune the spectrum used by the coherent optics or the number of bits transmitted to essentially be the highest possible combination of the two. That allows the maximum capacity to be extracted on a given optical fibre, and compared to some solutions that have a more discreet kind of adjustment, it ensures that with optimisation over any distance and for any bitrate, you get the best performance

without leaving some capability on the table.”

Adtran debuts scalable fibre access platform

Coherent debuts ultracompact optical amplifier components

Adtran® Inc., has launched its SDX 6330 10Gbps, an open and disaggregated Combo PON fibre access platform, with integrated 400Gbps uplinks. The SDX 6330 is Adtran’s third generation of open and disaggregated OLT devices. With 48 ports of Combo PON in a compact and power- efficient design, Adtran says it sets a new benchmark for lowering the total cost of deployment for 10Gbps services. Designed to deliver network simplicity and sustainability at scale, the solution offers deployment versatility and improved reach. Featuring open interfaces, it provides freedom to build best-in- class infrastructure with

technology from multiple vendors, and its versatile architecture supports a wide range of network topologies and coherent optics. The SDX 6330 also helps meet corporate sustainability objectives by reducing power demand and landfill requirements. “Our SDX 6330 is the most advanced fibre access platform in the industry, and the impact it’s about to have will be significant. By empowering service providers to reduce both the time and cost of getting people connected, we’re going to see broadband coverage increase like never before,” commented Ronan Kelly, CTO for EMEA and APAC at Adtran.

Coherent Corp has debuted a portfolio of smaller ultracompact components that enable optical amplifiers embedded in next-generation high-speed telecom transceivers and in LiDAR subsystems including a micro-pump laser, a variable optical attenuator, and hybrid passive assemblies, all with a very low profile of less than 2.5 mm. “We have achieved a level of miniaturization that is unmatched in the industry with a complete set of components that enable optical amplifiers to be easily embedded in small modules such as pluggable high-speed transceivers, in the very small

QSFP-DD form factor, and miniature automotive LiDAR systems,” said Dr. Sanjai Parthasarathi, Chief Marketing Officer. “Leveraging highly automated assembly, these components will scale cost- competitively with the rapidly growing demand.” The components are available individually and as custom assemblies, including with erbium- and erbium/ ytterbium-doped fibre from Coherent. They come in standard or extended temperature ranges, and with bend-insensitive fibre input and output on a single side. The micro-pump laser is available with an output power of up to 400 mW.


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