Optical Connections Magazine Spring 2023


Advanced PLC Manufacturer ENSURE notes recent heightened demand for their specialised chip customisation. ‘Customisation’ - The latest buzzword around acquiring the perfect model for your FTTx architecture.

With 20+ years’ experience, as a leader in the photonics industry for crafting best- in-class optical solutions for some of the world’s most renowned operators and ISP’s, including Telefonica, Vodafone, Altice, Antel, DS Telecom and more; in recent years, Advanced PLC Manufacturer ENSURE developed a new offering in order to stand out amongst the crowd. Due to the advantageous attributes of the PLC splitter, such as uniform & multiple splitting, compact size, and resultant cost saving benefits, it’s no surprise that for companies such as ENSURE, the PLC splitter has a rockstar reputation for being their most coveted PLC component for the FTTx industry. Lee Jin, the company’s R&D Director divulges however, that “the real superpower lies within the core component of the PLC splitter chip ”. Jin goes on to explain how having the “ability to curate customised split ratios, as opposed to the standard splits available, enables us to dramatically optimise the performance for our key account client’s varying architectures”. So why aren’t all PLC manufacturers providing this service? The answer lies in a company’s capability for full industrial chain- manufacturing. Having built their premium reputation for meticulously controlling the

entire production chain, manufacturing in- house wafers, chips, FA arrays, ferrules and Grade B Connectors etc. Ensure utilised their R&D department, (proficient in developing innovative connectivity solutions), in order to perfect their ability to curate tailor-made designs for customisation of specialised PLC chips. Whether providing uneven split ratios, custom splits or consolidating different single chips into a one-piece chip, the company has seen demand for this functionality grow immensely as high-speed data and telecommunication fiberoptic networks continue to grow at breakneck speed. With high demand and limited capable manufacturers, comes the need for large capacity for production, spurring ENSURE’s recent investments into increased capacity for manufacturing, producing on average 1.000 wafers per month. International Business Director, Carlos Barragan, explains how “at present we are one of the few PLC wafer & chip manufacturers with the advanced technology and equipment required to do such specialised customisations. Given our years’ experience and dedication to providing premium quality, when it comes to scaling up operations based on market or customer demands, we’re always ready to produce the necessary capacity and quality

required to advance our client’s networks exponentially” - and advance it does!

The nature of the customised chip design gives the advantage not only to the manufacturer, but to their clients too. For example, take a 1x17 Asymmetric PLC splitter with special ratios to be used for an FTTH project using Daisy Chain architecture design. The exclusivity of the design and product give producer and client the first-mover advantage with an optimised bespoke design that competitors in the market do not have access to, or the ability to copy in a timely manner. It’s no surprise then that Connectivity Solutions provider ENSURE, in addition to their current 55 patents, is in the process of patenting more products in the market, safekeeping their innovative designs in order to optimise market investment, and maximise the benefit for their clients. In an industry that is forever advancing, innovating, and pushing boundaries in order to facilitate the digital infrastructure revolution, key players such as ENSURE stress the importance for innovative vision and quality execution to help propel digital advancement further. With plans to advance their product portfolio, production, capacity, sustainability, and global reach facing 2024, Barragan assures us, “the best is still to come”.



ISSUE 32 | Q1 2023

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