GPS Living Spring 2023


Substantial elements like white cabinetry and this Americh Somerset tub can be balanced by more shadowy elements.


C hiaroscuro is a technique that artists use to create dimension in their work through explo- ration of darkness and brightness. It is most traditionally associated with the paintings of greats who used the technique to create masterpieces—going all the way back to da Vinci and Car- avaggio. They employed it to help characters and objects jump into the foreground or recede toward the back. When considering interior design, we can use a similar balancing act to highlight focal points and de-emphasize other areas. But it’s essential to remember that these rules are not hard-and-fast: we don’t simply add white to highlight. Instead, it is in the complex meeting of light and T E X T STEWART KELLER

dark that we can discover both eye-catching interplay and moments of sudden serenity. So how does one begin? You might start with a beautiful piece that incorporates both ends of the spectrum—a lamp with a shade that integrates both dark and light hues or a dark piece that also delivers illumination with hardware that reflects light or hidden lighting elements. Consider that light has the near-architectural power to delineate space—whether against a wall that is already dark or bright. Experiment with how a white element looks against a bold black, a soft gray, a dense geometric tile, or maybe a meandering hand-painted wallcovering. And when you find the right combination, your eyes may just light



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