2023 goSafe Summer Catalog

Summer Heat Stress and Environment Solutions

Medique ® Medi-Lyte ® Electrolyte Replenisher

Heat Stress Safety Poster

Heat Aware Card




• Ensure the safety of employees in conditions of extreme heat • Provide a chart that helps people understand the risks involved at different temperatures • Post on walls in key loca- tions to provide a daily visual reminder • Optional laminate creates durable, flexible plastic protection • Size: 17” x 22”

• Great reminder for those managing workers who commonly work out in the hot sun • Managers as well as work- ers not only need to know how hot is too hot, but the effects of environmental exposure over time

• Relief from heat stress, fa- tigue and muscle cramping due to minerals lost to heat and perspiration. • Available in 100 Tablets (50 x 2’s) or 500 Tablets (250 x 2’s)

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Sprayon ® Blast’ Em™ Wasp & Hornet Killer

Sprayon ® Insect Repellent II

Bugband Pump Spray Lotion




• F2 rated insecticide contains a high amount of petroleum distillates for the best knockdown and kill rate • Kills wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, flies, mosquitoes and flying moths. Residual deposit will kill returning wasps and hornets (100% kill within 24 hours. • 12 oz can

• Effectively repels mosqui- toes, chiggers, ticks, deer flies, stable flies, black flies, gnats and fleas; also protects against Lyme disease. • Does not contain R-11, EPA-registered. • 6 oz can

• Ideal for uses around the ankles, wrist or neck or anywhere mosquitoes tend to invade clothing • Apply lotion every 2 to 4 hours as required based on environmental conditions to control mosquitoes

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Ben’s ® Clothing and Gear Insect Treatment

Ben’s ® 30 Tick & Insect Repellent

Ben’s-100 ® Tick & Insect Repellent




• 30% DEET is the minimum percentage recommended to guard against diseases transmitted by insects including the Zika Virus, Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. • Water-based formula stays on skin’s surface rather than being absorbed. • Fragrance Free • Available in 1.25 & 3.4 oz pump, 6 oz spray and wipes

• Repel mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects away from your clothes and your gear with permethrin, the CDC recommended chemical for repelling mosquitoes that may carry the Zika virus • Easily apply this permethrin spray to your clothing and gear • Available in 24 or 6 oz spray

• round-the-Clock Per- formance - 10 hours of protection from a single application. • Maximum Protection - All DEET, no filler - for areas of maximum infestation. • Fragrance Free - Smell the great outdoors, not your repellent. • Portable Protection - 1.25oz bottle fits anywhere.

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