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on what I’m making, which helps me detach from the stress of the day. Is there a design upgrade you’d love to make in your own home? I’d love to take a few days and declut- ter: remove all those things that don’t work for me anymore and keep only those that do. Is there an iconic building you’d like to visit? I’d like to spend more time in south- ern Italy. One of my bucket list places is Ristorante Grotta Palazzese. It’s a restaurant built high into the side of a mountain overlooking the Adriatic Sea. You can have a majestic view of the sea while dining on grilled octopus. Is there a skill that you wish you had? I would love to learn how to make furni- ture out of reclaimed wood. I watch so many great projects online; the inspira- tion is there; now I have to find the time. Do you believe in spring cleaning? I’m a big advocate of spring cleaning. However, it should be spring/fall clean- ing. Clothing is on top of the list. Passing on gently used clothing is a gratifying way to do so. ■

Is there a TV show with design that you love? I’m obsessed with the television series Yellowstone right now. I love the land- scape, the mountains, and meadows. The rustic textures and materials used are warm and cozy, while the landscape adds an element of grandeur. If you were a color, what color would you be? I’ve always loved the color red. It has a big personality with a lot to say. Not the easiest color to work into a bathroom scheme, but it can make a great splash in the right space. Is there a type of design project you’d like to do more of? Mostly I find myself working on multi- bathroom, single-family homes. I enjoy it because every home is different. However, I’d love to work on restaurant and other commercial projects because they are out of my wheelhouse, and I enjoy learning. How do you unwind when you’re feel- ing stressed out? I enjoy making things, whether that means dinner for my family or a bowl on my pottery wheel. The focus stays


How would you describe your person- al design style? I would consider myself organic, a bit urban, and very eclectic. What inspires you? Nature inspires me every day. While in Maui, I was able to stand on the top of Haleakalā mountain—10,000 feet above sea level—at day break. It was unforget- tably inspiring.

Montavilla, an exceptionally durable new porcelain collection in a palette of neutral tones.

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