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BUILDING A MEANINGFUL CAREER By Protecting Our Tradespeople and Workers

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on the others. Especially for our prior clients, we’re very willing to put ourselves out there with you, even on the cases that aren’t a sure bet. Recently, I worked on a case with a client from Guatemala who was injured on the job here in the U.S. His case was denied by his employer, so he went home to Guatemala and got the treatment he needed,

Growing up, I was immersed in union culture. My dad was an elevator mechanic, and we were always around other tradespeople. It was thanks to my summer job with the union that I earned enough money to pay for my first year of law school. Because of my upbringing, workers’ comp was a natural fit for me. I know what’s at stake for people working in trade jobs, and I am passionate about protecting them. Serving as the president of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Bar Association several years ago was a chance to focus on the importance of continuing education in the legal field. Once an organization oriented toward golf outings and Christmas parties, we adjusted our focus, organized monthly brown-bag- lunch seminars covering Continuing Legal Education (CLE) topics, and established an accredited CLE program that still operates to this day. The State of Illinois requires attorneys to participate in a rolling two-year legal program. Over two years, you need to amass 30 hours of continuing education. Members of the association can now access enough free continuing education that they’ll meet and surpass the state requirements. It’s a very popular program now in its 12th year of existence. I’d say it’s probably one of our bigger accomplishments as an organization: We have a self-sustaining, self- accredited education program in place for our members. It feels meaningful to have been part of developing that. After leaving my previous firm to join Tom Chute, I continued to focus on workers’ comp cases, with a large percent of our clients working in the building and construction trades. Everyone wants big cases that make money, but one of the things we’ve focused on since day one is helping the little guy. We don’t cherry-pick or go after only the cleaner cases, passing

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paying out of pocket. He came back to the U.S. to continue working and looked for a lawyer to represent him. All his medical records were in Spanish, and no one wanted to take on his case. Well, I liked the case and I liked the guy, so I took it. I had his medical records translated to English, provided them to his employer, and sure enough, our perseverance paid off. We had his case settled for the full value when no one else wanted to touch it. That’s what our work is about — fighting for those who are brushed aside and fighting for the little guy on the playground who doesn’t have anyone else looking out for them. Beyond getting the fair compensation that a client deserves, we want to make sure they’re put back together again. I’m here to ensure that happens.

–Phil Turcy


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