Concierge CPA February 2018

Tips From the King of Customer Service

What happens when an internet personality complains about your company? If you’re Amazon, youmake sure the next time they talk about you, they’re singing your praises. ScreenJunkies News is a popular YouTube channel dedicated to media and pop culture. In early November of 2017, the channel streamed a panel discussion that focused on comments from Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, who said he wanted to pursue video content that would appeal to a broader audience. One of the panelists, Dan Murrell, quipped that he’d rather Bezos make sure the DVD racks he ordered fromAmazon arrived on time. This off-the-cuff complaint garnered laughter from the other panelists. They chimed in with their own comments on Amazon’s delivery practices, and one panelist brought up third-party couriers’ inability to find Murrell’s leasing office. When the panel moved on to other topics, Murrell’s Amazon comments were seemingly forgotten — that is, until two days later when ScreenJunkies News streamed another video, during which Murrell shared his experience with a customer service representative who reached out to him.

After seeing the first video, the representative said they wanted to rectify the situation. They personally checked that Murrell’s most recent order, a bookshelf, was scheduled to be delivered on time, and they gave Murrell the opportunity to air his grievances about third-party couriers. During the panel discussion, Murrell mentioned that he’d never seen the movie“Lawrence of Arabia,”and the representative told him that Amazon had sent him a Blu-ray copy of the film, free of change. Also, $100 was added to Murrell’s Amazon account. This response may seemover the top for aYouTube joke, but Amazon’s model works. Last year, Jeff Bezos became the richest person in the world, surpassing Bill Gates. The key to Amazon’s success? Don’t wait for complaints. If a package is late, Amazon sends the client a new delivery date. Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet includes a Mayday Button, which encourages customers to contact around-the- clock support the moment they feel frustrated. And, by reaching out after seeing Murrell’s complaints, Amazon is no longer the company that can’t deliver a DVD rack on time.

A Word With Eadie/Hill Trial Lawyers What Our Clients Are Saying

“My partner and I had left a larger firm. We had always been employees so we’d never really thought about running a business or everything that went into it. Sitting down with Concierge CPAs,

“To keep up on finances, we needed someone doing the bookkeeping separately who could learn how to give us reports. Michael and I weren’t going to find the time to do that. Without the online bookkeeping and the practice management software we implemented, we wouldn’t be able to manage either the cases or the finances if we didn’t have a system to keep track of everything. As we’ve grown, we now have five times the case volume as when we started. We would be underwater if we didn’t implement the software.

going through the startup costs, how to do it, even the business organization, and how to manage ourselves whether we’re an S-corp or anything else, was great and very relaxing and relieving. It gave us a lot of peace of mind. We’re about seven months into it, and in terms of our budgeting, it’s been close to what we estimated

“I’ve talked to other folks who think you should have desktop QuickBooks, and I always think, ‘Well, is that one computer?’ If that falls in the ocean, what do I do then? I love the idea I can get to QuickBooks anytime

originally. We’ve been very satisfied, to say the least.” –Michael Hill, Eadie/Hill Trial Lawyers

“It’s been critical for us to think about and plan out ahead of time how much money we’ll need to cover cases and to market for the cases to come after those. Trying to learn the business principles so we can work on the business and not just in the business has been a really important part of our development.

if I want to run a report or keep our IOLTA account up to date. If you’re not a CPA or professional bookkeeper, why would you want to spend time trying to be one?” –William Eadie, Eadie/Hill Trial Lawyers


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