DIANE HUNTER DIANE.HUNTER@EAP.ON.CA NewOntario Smoking Ban smokers fromsecondhandsmoke, andeducate and encourage youth to never start smoking. The Smoke-Free Ontario Act bans smoking in enclosed public places, workplaces, and in vehicles when children under the age of 16 are present in the vehicle. The act also prohibits the displayoftobaccoproductspriortopurchaseby retailers and prohibits youth-targeted tobacco products such as flavoured cigarillos. Bigger ban less smokers

ball and soccer fields, ice rinks, tennis courts, splash pads and swimming pools that are owned by a municipality, the province or a postsecondary educational institution. It is also illegal to smoke on sport surfaces, in spectator areas around sport fields and 20 metres sur- rounding these locations. The ban includes playgrounds at hotels, motels and inns. The sale of tobacco products on the campuses of postsecondary educational institutions, suchas collegesanduniversities,hasalsobeenbanned. Thenewpolicies apply tobuildings andareas that are owned or leased by postsecondary educational institutions or student unions and that are used for students’ educational pro- grams, recreational activities or residential ser- vices. More information on Ontario’s new smo- king regulations canbe found

HAWKESBURY | The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has implemented new regu- lations to the Smoke-Free Ontario Act to pro- tect the public from tobacco and its harmful effects. As of January 1, 2015, it is illegal to smoke on bar and restaurants patios, and within 20 meters of playgrounds and pub- lic sports fields and surfaces. It is also illegal to sell tobacco products on the campuses of post-secondaryeducational institutions. According to theMinistryof HealthandLong- TermCare,smokingistheleadingcauseofdeath and disease in Ontario, killing 13,000 each year. The province is implementing a strategy, which includes public education as well as legislation and policies to help smokers quit, protect non-

Since implementing bans on smoking and tobacco sales, Ontario has seen a decrease in smoking from 24.5 percent in 2000 to 18.1 per cent in 2013. Tobacco-related diseases cost the Ontario health care system approximately 2.2 billion dollars each year with an additional 5.3 billiondollars inunrelatedhealthcarecosts such as time offwork. The new ban applies to all outdoor public sports facilities such as basketball courts, base-

Emmanuel Lamber is quitting smoking after smoking a pack a day for 27 years.

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Oh Christmas Tree In an effort to reduce waste, the Town of Hawkesbury will continue the collection of Christmas trees until January 30, 2015. Trees will be shredded and used for muni- cipal ground maintenance. The trees must be placed close to the sidewalk or the curb, but not on the street. All decorations must be removed before placing trees at the curb. Further information can be found by calling Public Works at 632-0106, extension 2020. The Prescott and Russell Community Services are looking for volunteers to deliver the meals-on-wheels in Hawkesbury. Deliveries are on Monday, Wednesday and Fri- day. One day a month can make a difference to the elderly in the community. More information can be obtained from Isabelle or Mark André at 613-632-0939. Curran Whist militaire du Club de l’Amitié de Curran, le samedi 17 janvier à 13h30 au Forum du 819 rue Cartier, avec goûter et prix. Réservez votre table de quatre avant le 13 janvier : Cécile/613-679-1331, Estelle/613-673-1664, ou Pierre-Yves/613-673-9278. Fournier Danse en ligne et sociale avec le club Le Réveil de Fournier, le samedi 17 janvier à 19h30, à la sallemunicipale de Plantagenet Sud. Musique et animation par Marie-France et Martin. Grenville Journée intergénérationnelle à Grenville, le dimanche 18 janvier, de 13h à 16h30 au Centre communautaire du 21 rue Tri-Jean. Jeux, zumba, kiosques d’information, prix de participation et collation. Gratuit. Renseignements : 450 562-2474 poste 2304. Hawkesbury Réunion mensuelle des Filles d'Isabelle Sainte-Bernadette Soubirous, le mardi le 20 jan- vier au sous-sol de l’Église Saint-Alphonse de Hawkesbury à 19h. Aussi Whist militaire en collaboration avec les Chevaliers Colomb du 4e degré de Hawkesbury le dimanche 25 jan- vier. Réservations : Denise Joanette 613-632-4782. Plantagenet En avant, marche! Physio Plantagenet offrira le programme de marche dans les corridors de l’École secondaire de Plantagenet. Sessions tous les mercredis de 18h à 20h, du 7 janvier au 11 mars. Cette activité respecte les critères Corps à Cœur désignés par l’Institut de Car- diologie de l’Université d’Ottawa. L’admission est gratuite et tout le monde est bienvenu! Info : 613-673-1977. Russell 2015 Living Locally Fair, Saturday, January 17 at St. Thomas Aquinas School, 1211 South Russell Road. Saint-Isidore Whist militaire organisé par le Cercle de l’Union culturelle des Franco-Ontariennes de Saint-Isidore, le dimanche le 8 février à 13h30 au Centre Récréatif. Prix de présence et sou- per. Réservez avant le 3 février auprès de Gisèle Séguin au 613-764-5559 ou Gisèle Léger au 613-524-5332. Vankleek Hill The Arbor Gallery Speakers Series continues January 17 with ‘Chinese Medical Practices: Ancient Methods For Modern Ailment at 7:30 p.m. at the Arbor Gallery, 36 Home Street in Vankleek Hill. More information can be found at the Arbor Gallery 613-678-5086. Meals on Wheels

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