Finding joy in ice fishing

repaired a 100-year-old out-house that had been left on the property. “I dragged them down here to the water and fixed them up,” explained Wilson. The property is now all set up for quiet days fishing or enjoying the great outdoors. The cabin has a few chairs, a futon, and a heater along with a large pic- ture frame with a series of photos of how the property has changed since he purchased it in June. Wilson currently lives in Rigaud, but is thinking how nice a house might be on the land he purchased. “The view would be incredible from up there,” said Wilson. “I like the water. There is something about the soli- tude of the area that is just so incredible. You can hear a pin drop. It’s so peaceful.” Get the blue one Mullins told Wilson what equipment to get and what to expect. “He told me I nee- ded an auger tomake a hole in the ice,”quip- pedWilson. “He told me to get the blue one. He said it was better.”Wilson was quite sur- prised at how thick the ice was, exclaiming it was about 18 inches thick. When asked if he would eat what he caught, he wasn’t sure if he could. “I don’t know if I can eat the fish in this lake,” pondered Wilson. “I supposed if I catch a big walleye, I’d probably eat it.” “There is an excitement when the flag starts to shake and the light goes off that is just awesome,” exclaimed Mullins. “It can be -10 out and you can spend the whole day outside, in & out of a heated hut mind you. I haven’t spent that many hours outside during the winter since I was a kid playing


CHUTE-À-BLONDEAU | Bryon Wilson was so excited to get started he could hardly contain himself. He was going ice fishing for the very first time. Wilson had never been ice fishing before January 11. “This is my first day ever ice fishing,” chuckled Wilson. “My good friend Mike (Mullins) is an experienced ice fisherman. He’s coming to teach me a few things later on. I’m very excited to get started.” Mullins started ice fishing about four years ago. “My neighbour and close friend at the cottage who I fish with all summer got me into it,”said Mullins. “Since we started, we’ve evolved from sitting on buckets freezing our butts off to getting all set-up with a 6’x12’ hut with a heater. We also have pretty sweet gear, and have our lines set-up so when a fish bites a flag goes up and an alarm sounds with an LED light that glows, which enables dusk and night fishing.” Mullins love for ice fishing gotWilson inte- rested, and thus he started his journey to the ice.“There is something to be said about the solitude when you’re out on the ice and its quiet,”explainedMullins.“You really connect with nature.” When Wilson retired in June, he bought a piece of property in Chute-à-Blondeau, right by the water, and a bulldozer. Wilson cleared some trees and made a small road to get to the river’s edge. He then started making a cabin out of an old shack and

Photo Diane Hunter

Mike Mullins and BryonWilson are finding peace, serentiy and joy ice fishing at the cabin by the Ottawa river in Chute a Blondeau. peace, serenity, and joy.

hockey on the outdoor rinks.” Wilson was enjoying the day and looking forward to Mullins arriving to start his very first ice-fishing excursion. He explained that the lake had a 30-foot drop just a few feet from shore. “This is where the chute used to be,” explained Wilson. “That’s why it’s called Chute-à-Blondeau. When Hydro put their fa- cility up in Pointe-Fortune, this area flooded. It’s a great place for fishing.” Wilson thought he wouldn’t like retire- ment. But, after 35 years of working for Interfax Systems Inc., a company he built along with a few colleagues, it was time. “It was a super challenging and very rewarding job,” said Wilson. “I thought I would miss the

daily hustle, but I don’t, I really just don’t.” Mullins said that people should be careful when out on the ice. Falling in could be life threatening and it can happen very quickly. “Both my friend and I fell through the ice last March. Three dogs fell through and he fell through trying to save them., he got two out, then I pulled him out, and I fell through trying to save the last dog. Long story short, all the dogs were saved and we were OK. We ended up having the best day of the season the day following this ordeal.” Mullins saidWilson did great even though they didn’t catch any fish.“We’ll definitely go out again soon and try our luck again.” Wil- son said he is really enjoying being retired.

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