Jennifer Irvine | Solo Exhibition | September 2022

Catalogue for Jennifer's solo exhibition at Morningside Gallery September 2022









This much awaited exhibition of 25 paintings will take viewers on a journey through all of Jennifer’s favourite painting locations and a few new ones. Jennifer paints places she has visited over the years, returning again and again to Provence in France and The Algarve in Portugal. A recent first visit to the Hebridean island of Tiree, with its very special quality of light, inspired Jennifer to pick up her brushes and the resulting paintings are featured in this exhibition. In the main group of Provencal paintings Jennifer conveys a real feeling of the heat of the sun soaking into the buildings, with its shimmering light and luminous shadows. There is a similar feeling with the Portuguese work but there she concentrates more on the intense colour afforded by the bountiful bougainvillea and mimosa and the beautiful shadows that they create in the heat of the day. On Tiree it is the very distinctive light there that fascinates Jennifer. Even on a day of leaden sky there is an amazing pale, transparent, translucent turquoise light that is completely captivating and again just as much of a challenge to capture. The exhibition will run from the 24th of September to the 9th of October and there will be an opening and Meet the Artist event on Saturday the 24th of September between 1pm and 3pm . Please note that all paintings are for sale and may be purchased or reserved prior to the opening. Please contact us if you would like further images of a painting or to arrange an in-gallery or virtual viewing appointment prior to the opening. All listed painting sizes are width x height and include the frame.

Eileadh Swan Gallery Director

LEFT Detail of Summer Garden, Frontenay sur Dive

Shadows and Sunshine, Gigondas Gouache on Paperboard | 142 x 112 cm | £4000

Street Shadows, The Algarve Oil on Board | 70 x 70 cm | £1500

Dappled Sunshine, Gigondas, Provence Oil on Canvas | 110 x 110 cm | £4000

L’église, Gigondas Oil on Board | 47 x 47 cm | £1000

Portuguese Village Gouache on Paperboard | 47 x 47 cm | £1000

Mimosa, Provence Oil on Board| 100 x 100 cm | £3500

Seguret Village, Provence Oil on Board | 70 x 70 cm | £1500

Summer Garden, Frontenay sur Dive Gouache on Paperboard | 130 x 101 cm | £4000

Wedding Villa, The Algarve Gouache on Paperoard | 47 x 47 cm | £1000

French Garden, Frontenay Gouache on Paperoard | 47 x 47 cm | £1000

Caveau du Gigondas, Provence Oil on Canvas | 110 x 110 cm | £4000

Parasols, Lourmarin, Provence Gouache on Paperboard | 142 x 112 cm | £4000

Cliff Walk, Carvoiero Oil on Canvas | 57 x 57 cm | £1250

Vineyard, Provence Gouache on Board | 37 x 30 cm | £550

Carvoiero, The Algarve Oil on Board | 70 x 70 cm | £1500

Lourmarin, Provence Gouache on Paperboard | 142 x 112 cm | £4000

Spanish House Gouache on Board | 36 x 36 cm | £650

ABOVE St. Martin de Belleville, Winter Gouache on Paperboard | 36 x 36 cm | £650 RIGHT Winter Landscape, French Alps Oil on Canvas | 67 x 72 cm | £1500

ABOVE Isle of Tiree, Cornaigmore | Oil on Board | 31 x 31 cm | £650 LEFT Isle of Tiree, Caolas | Oil on Board | 82 x 75 cm | £2000

Isle of Tiree, White Sands, Hough Oil on Board | 31 x 31 cm | £650

Isle of Tiree, Hough Bay Oil on Board | 31 x 31 cm | £650

Isle of Tiree, Sea Mist, Cornaigmore Oil on Board | 31 x 31 cm | £650

Isle of Tiree, Blue Sky, Cornaigmore Oil on Board | 31 x 31 cm | £650


Jennifer Irvine RGI RSW studied at Glasgow School of Art in the mid-seventies before moving into a career in teaching. She began painting full time in 1990 and has since won awards including The David Cargill Award, The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Award and The Sir William Gillies Award. Inspired by her trips to France, Spain and Italy, Jennifer has a great interest in depicting the nuances of light and shade. She draws on the way sunlight interacts with its surroundings; considering how it falls on the ornate facade of a building in Provence, and the way it reflects on the sparkling surface of a Venetian waterway. Beginning with a loose, expressive underdrawing, Jennifer uses brushes and palette knives to block in elements of the composition, building up layers of vibrant colour and tone that retain an uncanny realism and palpable sense of place.

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