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This June we added a new edition to The College Money Guys team! Austin Shears has come on as our Projects Manager, making sure everything we do here at the office is shipshape! While he may be a fresh face here at the office, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Austin for years, and I couldn’t be happier to have him on the team. His thoughtful pragmatism has made life easier on all of us, making it that much easier to serve you! So, without further adieu, here’s a look at the man working the magic behind the scenes at The College Money Guys. Thanks, Brannon! As he points out, I’ve been a family friend of the Lloyd’s for years and was excited to come on board with The College Money Guys. The learning curve for becoming our sole Projects Manager was steep, but that’s part of the reason I relished the opportunity so much. I’ve never been one to back away from complex problems. You see, I’m a big chess fan. I play, I watch videos of professionals playing at the highest levels, and, up until I took on this new role, I helped the next generation of players improve their game. I’ve tutored chess players at schools across Houston, including Awty International and Annunciation Orthodox. I loved passing on the skills and mindset that have helped me over the years — not just in chess but in life. The easiest example is the way the game prepares you to take in a lot of information all at once. To stand a chance in chess, you need to keep your eyes on multiple horizons, not only where the pieces are pointed right now, but also where they may move next. Now, being –Bra nnon Lloyd

We have so much that has to get done here every single day — it’s part of why this is such a spectacular job. Everyone on this team knows how to hustle, and I thrive on that energy. But making sure everyone has what they need and is working on the right tasks at the right time means juggling a lot of information at once. I’m very grateful to have spent so much time mastering a game that revolves around that core concept. Of course, it was hard to hit the ground running. I’ll freely admit I made my fair share of mistakes when stepping into this role. In fact, I’m glad I did. These initial stumbles were how I quickly learned the full scope of the job. This is, again, another lesson I picked up from chess. Chess, much like life, has a system of accountability. If you make a bad move, you are going to feel the ramifications. What separates good chess players from bad is how you react to those misplays. I saw this all the time with younger students. Many had the tendency to blame their opponent and cry foul when they lost rather than look to the moves they made themselves. One of my main goals as a teacher was to help them see that accepting they made the wrong move was the first step in learning from it. That’s how you get better at chess and that’s how you improve yourself in life. Thanks to this lesson, I’ve been able to take the challenges life throws at me in stride. I’m proud to help the rest of The College Money Guys’ team make a difference for so many families dreaming of sending their kids to college. In a way, it’s my job to make sure we all make the best moves we can, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

responsible for keeping all of our projects moving, I find I often think the way I do when I’m seated at the chessboard.

–Austi n Shea rs

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