King's Business - 1915-02

90 THE KING’S BUSINESS field, Mt. Hermon and Chicago which he founded. The whole Bible Institute movement originated in his busy brain. And the training even in the regular theological seminaries was largely modified and given a more practical ten­ dency through his word and indirect influence.

T h e E n g i n e e r i n g of E t e r n i t y B y JO H N R O B E R T S O N

[The author of this sermon had a most remarkable ministry at the Gorbals Tabernacle in Glasgow, and afterwards preached in many cities in this country. In the midst of this work, he had a complete nervous breakdown but is now restored to health and has been a Professor in the Protestant Episcopal Theological Seminary at Faribault, Minn. A great sorrow came to him in July in the unexpected death of his wife but in this heavy sorrow he was wonderfully sustained. The editor of this magazine has two beautiful letters from him, written at this time but which are of too personal a character to publish. In connection with this sorrow, Mr. Robert­ son was led to resolve to give up his work as a teacher and undertake an itinerant ministry of the Word both in this country and across the water.—Editor.] “Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, the Lord knoweth them that are His. And, let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity .”—2 Tim. 2 :19,

guished patronage” on the church at Ephesus. As Atlas upheld the world, so they uphold this congregation. They “seem big pillars.” No sub­ ordinate position would do with them —the villa and the vehicle forbid. The Reverend Mr. Timothy they are now to lead by the nose where they like. He is to tack to their wind, he is to trim his sails by their longitude and latitude, and he is to cook his confession of faith to their delicate palate. But not he! So now the one never-failing result of fearless, faith­ ful preaching has come to pass at Ephesus; “the offense of the cross” has arrived. The firm tread of this young prophet has tramped on their gouty, corny toes, and there is a gnashing of teeth and a vow of ven­ geance. There is formed an anti- Timothy clique of the big men’s spit- tle-lickers, and there is plotting and planning and devising in their “gall of bitterness and bond of iniquity.”

DISEASE very common among occupants of the pulpit, they tell us, is / “ministerial sore throat.” Twill tell you of a disease

among them more common, more piti­ able, and more deadly than that—it is ministerial sore heart! Ill of this “cardiac affection” is Timothy to­ night. Sad and dejected is the young minister as he sits in his study. Bick­ ering has begun in his congregation. Two creatures have caused a lot of trouble in their midst. Bib men, ac­ cording to their own estimate, are Hymenaeus and Philetus. Their in­ creasing breadth of beam and expand­ ing girth of aristocratic fat are the evidence thereof. Like the pride- swollen frog of the fable, they are getting big to the bursting. Men of goods and gear, they are salaamed in the market place, honored and patted in the fashion of the day by the pass­ ers-by. They bestow their “distin­

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