King's Business - 1915-02



Church, the bride and body of Christ, will not be dismembered at the coming of the Bridegroom, but " together” will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air to be judged and rewarded according to their works, but not one weakest member who is really a member of the body of Christ will be left behind. Praise God! “I am receiving the King’s Business and find it a great help in preparing my Sunday School lessons, so much so that I wish two of my friends to receive it for this year, and enclose subscriptions foi them herewith.” “The King’s Business continues to win new friends in Tacoma. We would not know how to get along without. The Bible In­ stitute has a place in our thoughts and in our home life every day. We just wish we could be with you in person, as well as in heart.” “Many thanks for the sample of the most excellent monthly. Glad to be in touch with it, and so enclose the mite to get the bless­ ing. It is nice to an old timer to see such institutions and monthlies blossoming out on the Pacific Coast. God bless you and your work, and the work to others, in a chain of precious blessing.” “1 am writing this letter out of the fulness of my heart. Your little monthly is food for my soul and the truths emphasized are greatly helping my ministry. I pray that God may abundantly bless you and your magazine and the great work of the Insti­ tute. I wish more of our ministers sub­ scribed to the King’s Business. ’ “Enclosed, please find $1.00 for renewal of my subscription for one year. I see that the price for the coming year has been raised from fifty cents to $1.00. I think it well worth the price. I give mine out to others after reading it and it reaches a numlber of families in this way. We can sow the seed and God will give the in­ crease.”

merely the strong believers nor those who are looking very definitely for the coming of the Lord) who have not died before our Lord’s return in the air, and here, there­ fore, is a plain declaration that all believers living when the Lord comes and all believ­ ers who have already died and are there­ fore “dead in Christ” shall be caught up together to meet the Lord in the air. The “Its messages have been a blessing to me.” “I do not like to miss a number. Every one is a feast to me.” “I have the Old Eolks’ Bible Class, and need just such helps as your magazine af­ fords.” “I am graceful and indebted to the Insti­ tute and King’s Business for many rich blessings and instructions.” “I have seen a copy of the King’s Busi­ ness and want it. There is nothing like it. It is right to the point.” “If I am due anything on any account, let me know at once, BUT DON’T STOP MY PAPER FOR ONE MONTH. Sabe?” “Enclosed, please find my subscription to the King’s Business. I enjoy its monthly messages, and count it a dear and helpful friend. “Enclosed, please find one year’s subscrip­ tion to the King’s Business Magazine, which I love very much and feel that I cannot afford to be without.” • “The King’s Business is the best religious monthly I have ever taken. It stands true in defence of the truth. It has been a blessing to me and mine.” “I have just been looking over a copy of the King’s Business. I think it is helpful for those who love their Bibles and are try­ ing to lead others to find Christ as their personal Saviour.” “It seemed like a bit of old times to get hold of that paper and read the Sunday School lesson. It is refreshing to get hold of good spiritual food when, one is cut off from Christian fellowship.”

What Our Subscribers Say of the KINGS BUSINESS

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