King's Business - 1915-02



What, then, brethren, is this “foun­ dation of God” ? Where be this mighty rock-surface that eternity can build on ? It is here, towering up amid the ages, and spreading its massive bosom for whole continents below—a foundation, solid, enduring, eternal, prepared by God-, the guar­ anteed concrete of the Blessed Firm of the Heavenly Trinity—it is the Rock of Ages, the glorious Person and glorious Work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Do you build here on this foundation of God, unshaken and un­ shakable, “when rolling years have ceased to move” ? This and this alone is “the foundation of God,” living, saving faith in the Saviour of sinners. Do you believe on the Son of God? Have you undergone the second birth of the Holy Ghost? Are you hiding in the Rock that is higher than you? Are you building on the foundation of God? Can you sing— “My God, I have found the thrice-blessed ground Where life and where joy and true com­ fort abound.” a personal salvation in a personal Saviour—Jesus Christ the living Son of the living God? Yet, after all, the foundation may remain immovable and mighty enough; but if in the storm the tiles go rattling to the ground, the roof gets stripped, and the gable and walls give way and crash together in a huddled heap, where’s the comfort of a sure-standing foundation? The great bridge at Dundee toppled over and tumbled in tbe careering tem­ pest of that December night, but the foundation stood firm, and the broken piers kept tremblingly peeping above the waves as in a feeble, faltering protest that they had done their duty and were not to blame. The founda­ tion stood; the structure fell—a Job’s comfort be this of sure-standing foun-

diligent, and do-alling, he is elected Kirk-Treasurer. He has “the bag,” or rather “the bag” has him, and we don’t generally put the worst-looking man among us to look after the cop­ pers. Judas must have been respected and believed in by the little band in no ordinary degree. Foundation sur­ passing fair of apostolic profession in the very presence of Christ! Here surely you can build eternity in secur­ ity and safety. Nay. In Judas’ pro­ fession the world has sunk a shaft, and a mine beneath it the devil has dug, and has left a fearful abyss of gripping greed and passion for the “pieces of silver” ! For £4 , the fifth of the price of one of your year- old stots, my farmer friends, Judas will sell his soul and betray the Mas­ ter! Ah! profession of Christ! ah! church connection, seat-letting, ser­ mon-hearing, “sustentation”-support- ing! There is no foundation. To build thereon is utter ruin. Say, soul, what would you take for Jesus? Has He a price for which you’d sell Him? Some church members to-day would part with the Lord of Glory for less than Judas—for a bottle of bitter beer or a three-ha’penny glass of whisky in a Monday market! Are you just a “good Christian” in Scot­ land for the same reason you’d be a good Hindu in' India, or a good bow­ er-down to a carved-out stick in the wilds of Africa, just because your father and grandfather have been so before you ? Dear, dear soul, on what are you building for eternity? Are you on “the foundation of God” that “standeth sure” ? “Say, where is thy refuge, my brother? And what is thy prospect today? Why toil for the wealth that will perish— The treasures that rust and decay? Oh, think of thysoul, that for ever Will live when Time’s sunshine is o’er, And build on the steady Foundation God lays

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