King's Business - 1915-02



day at 3 p. m .; on Thursday at noon, any day and every day at the hour you will, the voyage will begin. No mention of the hundred probable hindrances—current and tide and wind and wave. No, not a word. Down in the bowels of that “leviathan afloat” there is a grand force gener­ ating ; there is the birth of a mighty monster power, and by and by, at the exact hour, the whistle will scream, the pistons will plunge, and the paddles will turn and churn the astonished wave into impotent foam, and out and away in the calm, digni­ fied consciousness of the monarch of the main that proud vessel will glide. It will laugh at the tide, and will fling with an impatient lurch the leap­ ing waves from its side and will plow its unturnable way in the very teeth of the outraged tempest. On and on and on to the “haven desired.” Giant steam is there, that fearless force stronger than the opposing sea and all its opposing allies;. the power mightier than the marshalled ele­ ments. Power, power is there, and onward, onward, go! So child of God, at the Cross of Christ you get power. Prom Jesus you get salva­ tion in its fulness as well as its free­ ness. Stop a moment, you backslid­ ing, sinning Christian; just suffer the Apostle Paul’s question: “Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye be­ lieved ?” Oh, how many are the lives among us to-day that really give no other answer than that of those Ephesus lips of old, “We have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost.” Ah! but there is a Holy Ghost! There is power, power, greater than all beside. “Great­ er is He that is for you than all that can be against you.” The Holy Ghost is God and God is God. O namer of the name of Christ, cast off the moorings of the world, and put -out to sea this moment in the

you realized this other half of the Gospel, the life of power from the living Christ? Are you “free from sin and become a servant of God, having your fruit unto holiness” ? You Christian, Christ’s one, you can be kept from sinning, and it is anti- scriptural rot, it is blasphemy to say otherwise. A poor, petty twopenny- ha’penny salvation it is, not worth the getting red in the face to pick up, to be dipdipping in the geesegutter and “deuk’s dubs” of sin to the end of the chapter. Surely God, like a wise contractor, would see to this at least being remedied. He has. The Gos­ pel-word is “He that committeth sin is of the devil”—that’s plain! and “Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin: for His seed remaineth in him; and he cannot sin, because he is born of God”—and that’s plain! Oh, the infinite hurt and harm that has been done in the Church by the professional emasculation of the Gos­ pel, and the lowering to man’s liking and lapsing of the glorious liberty of the children of God! “Let them that name the name of Christ depart from all iniquity.” In the olden time, you know, our sailors had to be at the beck and will of every veering wind that blew. With the bellying canvas they had to tack .and tack to every point of the compass. The calm came down, and the sails flapped, and the paralyzed vessel could not move an inch on the slumbering glassy deep. And the tempest would seize the prow and hurl her back in her course for leagues'. “Ask me, if you please,” said the wind; “ask me, if you please,” said the tide; “ask me, if you please,” said everything. But now no slow, laboring, lumbering tac­ tics like these. No jack-tar cap caught off in overweening obeisance to the elements. In the newspaper yesterday it was advertised that the vessel would leave the dock on Mon­

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