King's Business - 1915-02

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ARE YOU A PERSONAL WORKER? If you are, you most certainly need one of J. H. Sammis’ booklets, entitled “TRUTH FOR YOU” Below is the complete list of contents. Each topic is treated in a brief but thorough manner. Look through it carefully. Is it to be equalled in any other book? You will need one of these books in your work. Certification Occupation Excusation

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Confirmation . Examination Declaration

Dedication Salutation Foundation

— Service

— No Excuse


Evangelization Deterioration


— Backsliders

— ' Worse and Worse Restoration Authorization S p j -Our Authority Coronation Dissertation Damnation Resuscitation Consummation

— Confession

— Cod



^J ew ish Question.

Creation Revelation Ruination Condemnation — Sin Cancellation Incarnation Salvation Propitiation Reconciliation Invitation Regeneration Justification Appropriation Liberation — From Identification Separation Sanctification Consecration Presentation — Sum

— O f the Spirit

Anticipation Graduation Affiliation Organization .

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— Christ's Resur.

— The End

Mediation T emptation T ribulation Ministration

Dissemination Dispensation Deification

Purification Appellation

— Antichrist

— Saint's Tiiles

— O f A ngels Usurpation

Conversation Exemplification Acceptation Invocation — Prayer Adoration Indoctrination T ypification Qualification —Gifts Edification Communication


Consolation Preservation Beatification Jubilation Exaltation Expectation Revivication T ransfiguration Adjudication Glorification Procrastination Virgin Birth

— -Romanism



— Eddyism


— Spiritualism

Second Day Adventism Millennial- Dawnism Soul Winning Tracer for


Personal W ork

— Giving


Leather 25c, per doz. $2.50; Paper 10c, 3 for 25c, 100 for 6.00 Special Rates per 1000


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