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Eli told Samuel to reply to the call, “Speak, Lord, for thy servant heareth,”.v. 9; Dan. 10:19. The Lord came and stood (v. 10) as He did with Baalam, Num. 22:20, 31; as He did with Gideon (Judges 6:12), and as He appeared to David and the elders of Israel 1 Chron. 21:15, 16. (4) God’s Promised Judgment, vs. 11-13. God tells Samuel what He will do with Israel, v. 11; Isa. 29:14. He tells him the ears of Israel shall tingle, v. 11; 2 Kings 21:12. He will send Judgment upon the house of Eli, v. 12; ch. 2:27-36. The judgment was to be forever because of the iniquity of his sons, v. 13, ch. 2:12, 17; 2 Chron. 20:12. The judgment was because Eli failed to restrain his 'sons, v. 13; ch. 2 :23, 25; Prov. 9:18; Matt. 10:37. (5) God’s Prophet, Samuel, vs. 19, 20. The Lord was with him. v. 19; 1 Sam. 18:14. His words did not fail to bring forth fruit, v. 19; ch. 9:6. The people recognized Samuel as God’s man, v. 20; 1 Tim. 1:12. Practical Points 1. Hannah asked, God answered, for she asked aright, James 4:3. 2. The life of Samuel was a proof of an­ swered prayer. 3. God called a child that was cradled in fakh. 4. Service in the sanctuary is a good prep­ aration for a prophet’s life. 5. It takes a man of faith to be faithful in delivering a word of warning. 6. AVhen the Lord is with a man, his words are not wasted. 7. Eli’s sin of omission is in strange con­ trast with his sweet submission. Speak, Lord, in accents clear, Dull is mydrowsyear, That I mayknow —

(1) God’s Preparation of a Worker,, Ch. 3 :1. Samuel was given in answer to prayer, Ch. 1:20; Gen. 30:6. He was given by his mother to the Lord, Ch. 1:27, 28; Exod. 12:35, 36. As a child, he ministered to the Lord, 2: 18; 3:15. He grew in favor with God and man, 2: 26; Luke 2 :40. God rewarded Samuel’s mother for the gift of her son, 2:20-21. (2) God’s Precious Word, v. 1. The word of the Lord was “rare” (pre­ cious) in those days, v. 1 :21. There was no open vision, v. 1; 2 Chron. 31:5. The prophetic office was in its in­ fancy. The Word of God is a precious seed, Ps. 126:6. It is full of exceeding great and precious promises, 2 Peter 1:4. The Living Word is also precious to those who believe, 1 Peter 2 :7. (3) The Personal Call, vs. 2-10. Samuel slept in the temple court with Eli, v. 3. Before sunrise the Lord called Samuel, vs. 3, 4; Exod. 27:20-21. God spoke to Samuel in an audible voice, v. 4. Just as He spoke to Adam (Gen. 3 :9) and to Moses (Exod. 3:4), and to Saul of Tarsus (Acts 9:4). Samuel heard the voice and answered “Here am I,” v. 4. Samuel thought it was Eli and reported to him, v. 5. Samuel repeated this the second time, v. 6. Samuel knew the Lord but he had never had any special communication from Him, v. 7; Jer. 9:24. The third time God called Eli recognized the message from God for Samuel, v. 8; Job 33:14-16. hy precious Word tome Speak, Lord, that I to Thee May quick reply —

Whether Thou bid meyo To tell of bliss orwoe — “Lord, here am /."

Whether / wake or sleep— MyMaster's voiceand leap His will to do.—S.

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