King's Business - 1915-02

The WONDROUS JOY OF SOUL-WINNING A NEW BOOK by R . A Torrey, D.D. SOME OP IN IONS Just Issued. “ English Churchman” :

“As an evangelist of world-wide experience, D r . T orrey knows much of the happiness of leading men and women to Christ. This little book, however, is not concerned with preaching to the multitude, but with individual dealing— what is known as.-‘personal work.’ It has been written at the request of M r . T h om a s TI ogben , Founder of the ‘One by One’ Working Band, and emphasizes the privilege of prayer, testimony, and winsome effort to draw first one and then another to the Saviour. The counsel given is sound and practical, and if followed is sure to produce blessed results. “ D r . T orrey , as everybody who has heard him or read his books knows, lays much emphasis on soul-winning. In ‘The Wondrous Joy of Soul-Winning’ he deals with the best methods of leading others to Christ, and the little book is one that ought to be in the hands of every Christian worker.” “T h is great -Evangelist and expert soul-winner writes in- spiringly of the joys of leading souls to Christ. The indi­ vidual believer is slow to realize the possibilities of such service, and we' are grateful to the ‘One by One’ Band for publishing, and D r . T orrey for writing, this inspiring but much-needed message to the Church.” ^ “W ritten at the request of the Founder of the One by One’ Band, and with a Foreword from his pen, this is an »earnest and practical appeal to the individual Christian to realize not only the responsibility but the joy of being a ‘fisher of men.’ ”

“ Life of Faith” :

“Our Own Gazette” :

“Schoolmistress” :

“Witness,” Belfast: “T h is is an eminently practical book on a most important subject. D r . T orrey writes out of a large experience, and ' he illustrates his various points with telling incidents. In­ dividual work for individuals is the keynote, and the titles of the chapters will indicate {he author’s plan:—‘The Won­ drous Joy of Winning Souls,’ ‘Fishing for Men the Business of Life for Every Follower of Christ,’ ‘The Most Effective Method of Winning Others for Christ,’ ‘The Essential Con­ ditions of Success in One by One Work,’ ‘How To Go at One by One Work.’ It is a book to be read and pondered.” Price - - ■- Post Paid - 50 Cents Address all orders to TH E B I O L A B O O K ROOM Bible Institute of Los Angeles 536-558 South Hope Street Los Angeles, California BUY AND PASS IT ON

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