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The ark was brought into the camp, v. 5. They supposed that there was some su­ pernatural power in the ark, Judges IS :14. They found that the joy of the hypocrite is short, Job 20:5. There is no help in lying words, Jer. 7:4. The Philistines were filled with fear, v. 7; Exod. 14:25. They remembered God’s dealing with Egypt, v. 8; Exod. 9:14. Their leaders exhorted them to be strong, v. 9; 2 Sam. 10:12. They urged them not to become slaves as the Israelites had done, v, 9; Deut. 27 :48, 49. The Philistines fought and smote Israel, v. 10; Lev. 20:17. There was a great slaughter, y. 10; 2 Sam. 18:7. The Philistines captured the ark of God, v, 11; Ps. 78:61. The sons of Eli were slain, Ps. 78:64. (4) The Announcement of Defeat and Death of Eli, vs. 12-18. A Banjamite carried the news of defeat to Eli, y . 12. He carried with him the emblems of sor­ row, v. 12; Joshua 7:6.

Eli was by the wayside waiting for. tid­ ings, v. 13 ; eh. 1:9. His heart was filled with fear for the ark, v. 13; Neh. 1 :3, 4. The news of the disaster broke his heart, v. 18; ch. 2:31, 32. The prophecy concerning the priests’ sons was fulfilled, v. 36; 4:11. Practical Points. 1. Calling for charms and ceremonies will win no battles. 2. When calamity comes, call upon God. 3. A crisis in the church or community will clarify the atmosphere. 4. God often chooses •. His enemies to chasten His children. 5. The violation of God’s law results in His visitation upon the lawless. 6. Thè ark in the' army was a device of » ■the devil. 7. The Tabernacle was barren without the ark ; the ark was a mere golden box without the presence of His glory. We must have Immanuel “God with us.”

FEBRUARY 28, 1915.


S am u e l , t h e V ictorious L eader .

1 Sal. 7 :3-17. (Commit vs. 11, 12.) G olden T e x t : " Hitherto hath Jehovah helped us." —1 Sam. 7:12. DAILY BIBLE READINGS Monday, February 22.—1 Samuel 7:3-17. (The Lesson). Tuesday, February 23.—2 Chron. 14:1-12. Resting on God. Wednesday, February 24.—Isaiah 41:8-13. *1 will strengthen thee.*’ Thursday, February 25.—Hebrews 11:24-34. “Through faith.” Friday, February 26.—Psalm 124. Our Divine Helper. Saturday, February 27.—Psalm 144:3-15. Praise for victory. Sunday, February 28.—Psalm 46. “God is our refuge.” EXPOSITION AND PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS

v. 3. "And Samuel spake unto all the house of Israel, saying, ‘I f ye do return unto the LORD with all your hearts, then put away your strange gods and Ashtaroth from among you, and prepare your hearts unto the LORD, and serve Him only.'’ Israel had had twenty years of bondage and discipline (v. 2) and they had had enough

of it, their sore hearts were now lamenting for Jehovah. During these twenty years Samuel seems to have been praying in secret and biding his time. When he saw the uni­ versal longing for Jehovah, he knew his time had come and quickly took advantage of his apportunity. It had been a long wait on Samuel’s part but it had been “watchful

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