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(1) The Repentance of Israel and Return to Jehovah, vs. 3-8. For twenty years Israel lamented after the Lord, v. 2; Zech. 12:10. Samuel gives a message to Israel, v. 3. He urges their return unto the Lord v. 3; Isa. SS :7. To put away the strange gods, Joshua 24:14. To prepare their hearts unto the Lord, Jer. 4:3, 4. To serve Him only, Luke 4:8. He promised that the Lord would deliver them, v. 3 ; Ps. 34:7. Israel obeyed and put away their gods and served the Lord, v. 4; Hosea 14:3-8. Samuel gathered the people to Mizpeh, v. 5;-Joel 2:16. He poured out water before the Lord, v. 6; 2 Sam 14:14. Israel fasted and confessed their sins (v. 6; 1 Kings 8:47-49) and there Samuel judged Israel, Ezek. 20:4. The Philistines were moved to war against Israel, v. 7. | The heart of Israel was full of fear, v. 7; Exod. 14:10. They implored Samuel’s intercession for them, y. 8; Isa. 62:6, 7. (2) The Raising of Ebenezer, and Repres­ sion of the Philistines, vs. 9-14. Samuel offered a lamb for a burnt offer­ ing, y. 9; Judges 6:26-28. He cried unto the Lord for Israel, v. 9; Ps. 50:15. The Lord answered the prayer with thun­ der, v. 10; Ps. 97:3, 4. God smote the Philistines before Israel," v. 10; Joshua 10:10. Samuel erected a stone to commemorate the event, v. 12; Isa. 19:19. I

He called it Ebenezer, “the stone of help,” v. 12; Exod. 17:15. The Philistines were subdued for a sea­ son, v. 13; 1 Sam. 28:3, 5. (3) The Righteous Judge Erects An Altar, vs. 15-18. Samuel judged Israel all his days, v. 15; ch. 25:1 His circuit was from Bethel to Gilgal and Mizpeh, v. 16; Ps. 82:3, 4. His home was at Ramah, v. 17; Judges 19:13. Samuel builds an altar at Ramah, v. 17; 1 Kings 18:30-38. Practical Points 1. The presence of the ark was a pledge ot God’s mercy. 2. When Samuel preached repentance and Israel practiced it, their hearts were prepared for a revival. 3. When the heart is poured out in peni­ tence, the grace of G°d is poured in in plentitude. 4. Idols are the evil things to which the heart clings. 5. When we deliver ourselves unto God, then God will deliver 'us from the power of the enemy. 6. Satan seeks to hinder sinners from com­ ing to the Lord, and to prevent saints . from confessing their sins to the Lord. 7. God heard and answered prayer and put to flight the Philistines. 8. The “stone of help” is set up to remind us that the foundation of our help is stone.

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