King's Business - 1915-02



that war cannot sunder the bond of internal union that Christ holds in us.”

T he ' A frica I nland M ission was founded in 1895, by Peter Cameron Scott. It now! has seventeen stations distributed over a territory equal to one-fourth the area of the United States and requiring six months’ travel to visit them all. Twelve of these stations are in British East Africa, three in German East Africa, .and two in Belgian Congo. It has one hundred mis­ sionaries, twenty-five schools and eleven chapels. T here are 530,000 boys and girls in Phil­ ippine schools who speak English and there" are 8500 Philippino teachers to. teach them, 'there are 75,000 Christians who have been through the fires of persecution and are prepared to stand true to the faith even if American influence should be withdrawn. What Romanism did not do in 400 years Protestantism accomplished in fourteen, viz., gathered “out (from among the Gentiles) a people for His name.” W e may thank God that we live in this favored land where we escape not only the devastation which war works in other lands claiming a Christian civilization, but the de­ struction which the elements work in lands of non-Christian civilization. Floods in East.Central China have this year annihi­ lated hundreds of villages, destroyed $8,000,- 000 in property and left millions of people destitute of food.- Many have already per­ ished; a countless number are in need of help. God haste the reign of Him whose kingdom is both peace and plenty. A n appeal to the churches of the world has been sent out by the Christians of five neutral European countries and the United States of America, -through the Federal Council of Churches of Christ, beseeching united prayer for the cessation of war. “We servants of Christ,” ,says the letter, “address .all those who have power.or influence in the matter an earnest appeal seriously to keep peace before their eyes,, in, order that blood­ shed soon may cease. We remind especially our Christian brethren of various nations

A turning to God in prayer is taking place in England, in Ireland, and in Scot­ land, as the following excerpt from an ar­ ticle in The Scotsman will show: “W ith u s in th e p arish churches of S cot­ land, th e g re a t th in g is th e serm on. B u t to ­ d ay it is . different—th e g re a t th in g now is pray er. A nd th e m in ister p reached ab o u t prayer. . . - . H e reasoned th e w orshipers cold; b u t th ere in th a t hour reason w as bound to give w ay before in tu itio n . ‘If I am free,’ cried th e p reach er, ‘to ru sh to th e help of m y child w hen he crieth in te rro r; an d if, w hen th e creatu res of his H and cry tq God, he is bound, an d can n o t help o r soothe, th en H e is poorer th a n I, so g re a t a th in g is fre e ­ dom .’ ’’ T he R ev . J. H. B ateson describes in the Methodist Times religious life in the British Navy. “On almost every one of the ships on service,” he says, “there is a band of petty officers, seamen, and boys, who- stand for -Christ and for Christian influences. Take, for example, a ship like H. M. S. Achilles, on which there is a strong band of Chris­ tian men. Daily for many months they have held a ‘One-b,ell Meeting’ in the gunners’ cabin. The men have written me of the wonderful times of blessing in prayer and Bible study they have experienced until the gunners’ room in the battleship has become literally the gate of heaven. M a n y R u ssia n nobles have lately awak­ ened to the fact that Antisemitism was not a very dignified policy and they have pro­ tested against it accordingly. The decision of the Council of the Nobility to. embrace in their scheme of state compensation to the sufferers of riots also the Jewish victims of pogroms demonstrates the growth of this feeling. It is stated that the nobles secured for their plan support in several ministerial departments .and that their scheme will be discussed by an interministerial committee. Once the state is obliged to pay compensa-

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