King's Business - 1915-02



One m u st say in th e m o st decided m an n er: “W a r is th e only rem ed y fo r ailin g n atio n s.” T he m om ent th e s ta te calls: "M yself an d m y existence a re now a t sta k e !” social self-seek ­ ing m u st fall b ack an d every p a rty h a te be silent. T he individual m u st fo rg et his own ego an d feel him self a m em ber of th e whole; he m u st recognize w h a t a n o th in g h is life is in com parison w ith th e g en eral w elfare. In th a t v ery point lies th e loftiness of w ar, th a t th e sm all m an d isap p ears en tirely before th e g re a t th o u g h t of th e sta te . . . . H ow ever, it is n o t w o rth th e tro u b le to discuss th is m a tte r fu rth e r; th e living God will see to it th a t w ar co n stan tly re tu rn s as a dreadful m edicine for th e h u m an -rac e.” W e m u st declare th a t of all political sins th a t of w eak n ess is th e m ost reprehensible an d th e m o st contem ptible; it is in politics th e sin a g ain st th e H oly Ghost. W e take from The Vanguard, an extract from a sermon preached'by Bishop W. Burt, of the M. E. Church, 'before 700 ministers, the following extract : “Som eone asks, ‘is n o t »the H om an Catholic C hurch C h ristian ?’ I t calls itself such, an d claim s to be th e u n iv ersal ch u rch to th e ex­ clusion of all others. B u t I m u st fran k ly and honestly say, a fte r living fo u rteen y ears in Rome, an d eighteen y ears in Italy , th a t m od­ ern R om an C atholicism h as n o th in g w h atev er to do w ith N ew T estam en t C h ristian ity . “T he people in Rom e who know me, know th a t I am no bigot. I sp eak to d ay from a conviction based on th e th in g s I have seen. T he poor people a re deceived. A s 'C a rly le said: ‘It is th e b u sin ess of th é arch -en em y to p resen t a false sp ectrum of re a lity !’ So C atholicism p resen ts a false sy stem of w or­ ship fo r th e tru e an d sets up a false god for th e real God. Rom e h as alw ays been a su b ­ stitu te for th e real tru th , an d h as led the ra c e in to ig norance an d su p erstitio n . O ut of th e stone of p ag an ism th e arch -en em y has b uilt th e foundation of th e papacy. R om an­ ism ten d s to d rag th e w orld back in to p ag an ­ ism . “W e-h av e becom e to le ra n t of w h a t is false in our m idst. T his is w hy I speak. R om an C atholicism is a co u n terfeit of C h ristian ity b u ilt upon forgeries. " “E v ery sch o lar know s th a t th e D onation of C onstantine an d th e C lem entine H om ilies are spurious productions of th e second, th ird and fo u rth cen tu ries a n d th a t th e pseudo-Isi- dorian d ecretals are likew ise bold forgeries. Yet, upon th ese am azin g Actions re s t the p reten sio n s of th e p ap acy .”

returns in Latin America much must be put in .—By Rev. Charles Petran. D r . G renfel , speaking of a group of his helpers (they are also the fruits of his toils) says, in a letter to the Record of Christion Work: My crew is a small one, and rather odd, considering the times. Helper in chief, a Labrador boy adopted in the Orphanage many years ago, and since trained at the Pratt Institute in New York. Second in command, a newer orphan, also ”a Labrador boy, and ready for the Pratt next year. Third comes a Frenchman, a real “ally,” though permanently blind. We adopted him and his starving family nearly two years ago. He now has a home and over a hun­ dred dollars in the bank. Fourth comes an Eskimo with but one lung, rescued from empyaemia following tuberculosis six years ago. Fifth, a Russian derelict from a schoon'er from Libau in the Baltic; he was unable to get home, and is anxious to earn enough to go West. Truly they make a motley array of “allies,” But before all these I should put our loyal and loved friend, who is our children’s governess, a young German lady, anxious at heart for her brother “on the other side.” They are a truly lovable people, these our foes—you see I speak as an Englishman. How many fine qualities they possess which supplement our British deficiencies! God help us to be better friends of all the world! B ernhardi , with whose warlike philos­ ophy and policy the reading world has been familiarized and horrified since the outbreak of the war which seems to be its particular exemplification, was a pupil of Treitschke, to whom the following satanic sentiments are attributed, for Satan’s thy are, of whom the Lord says that “he is a liar and a mur­ derer from the. beginning” : A s ta te can n o t possible bind its will for the fu tu re in resp ect to an o th er sta te . T he sta te h as no h ig h er judge above it, an d will th e re ­ fore conclude all its tre a tie s w ith th a t silent reservation.

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