King's Business - 1915-02



was specially blessed of the Lord. Ten men gave their hearts to Him, and the following night ten more made a start heavenward. Every seat in the mission is usually filled by 7:15. The door is then locked and those present are given a straight gospel message, and afterwards fed to a substantial meal. We have a wood yard now where a man can earn a bed. You can get wood at fifteen cents a sack by coming for it. Our new home is most ideal. Pray God it may be a lighthouse to the sin-cursed voyager. We have over five hundred meal tickets out. This is why the door is locked when the hall is filled. We only provide each evening to feed what our hall will accommodate. If you think God wants you to help feed the men, send in a dollar or two. We only feed sober men. Some of the men who have found Christ will now tell their own story: ' “T he announcement in front of Yokefel­ low’s Hall, Eighth and Los Angeles Streets, was the magnet that led me to determine to- abandon Satan and renew my covenant with God this coming year, and every evening since my testimony has been ‘all the way— every day.’ For weeks I had been solicit­ ing work at anything that might earn me a dollar or a bed and food. At times I of­ fered my services for my board and was refused even that. Utterly discouraged and tempted almost into dishonesty, I cried unto God and He led my weary feet to the Yoke­ fellows’ Hall, where I found a friend and counsellor in the Superintendent, Rev. Sloan. Happily converted and fully saved that evening I went to rest that night, trust­ ing God for work, and when do you think it came? Why, bless God, the very next morning, and from a contractor whom I had applied to at least five times before and had been refused; and the position was offered without even my asking. Does it pay to trust God ? Well, rather. And that’s why I have chosen for my battle cry ‘ill the way —every day.’ ”

tires, a soul out of touch with God. Today, I am a success in Him, through prayer. It is a joyous, peaceful life, beyond the power of ;words to tell. The uplife came when I got down on my knees like a simple, trusting- child, and surrendered all unconditionally to His will. For nearly twenty years I have been bound by one link of the mind to sin. The truths of His Weird had often, emo­ tionally, come into touch with my wavering heart, but never before, until my recent con­ version at Yokefellows’ Hall had they con­ quered and assimilated my will. Christ Jesus’ teachings, example and sacrifice broke the link and set me free, and happy in Him. My surrender was the only thing that could ever have put the precious key of eternal life in my hands. All things in my life now work toward the goal of the new life, filled with peace, joy, rest and purity. I lift up my heart, as I write, in prayer to Him who wrought this miracle in the redemption of a life that could never be reformed. There are no crossroads to lure me from His way —the only road to go. I cannot say too much for Yokefellows’ Hall. It was the instrument through which the voice of God, in sermcn, testimony, song and prayer, reached me. It took an age of time and pa­ tience, but these self-sacrificing fishers of men finally landed me on the Rock of Ages, hand in hand with Him. The brothel and the saloon flame forth their infamy on the gilded way to perdition, but my steps follow in His guiding wake, and I shall haunt them no more, for my upturned eyes now' see God’s mansions alone. With the link broken and my will surrendered to Him, I am a sinner saved by grace, giving thanks to God who is all love, and to His workers, who are all devotion.” O n the 28th of December we moved to the southwest corner of Eighth and Los An­ geles Streets. The first service held in our new home, on the last night of the old year,

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