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Euodia girls I discovered the joy and peace which was the result of their union with Christ. It made me hungry to know Him, too. O, I am so glad that my name is now written in thé Lamb’s book of life, and I am trusting Him to use me to prove to other girls what friendship with Jesus means.” How Emilio Found Jesus Christ: He was not more than fourteen, of slight build, with a rather serious face. It was the last house on the street, a poor little home. No one answered my knock and I was about to go away when he came around the corner and spoke. His mother was ill in the ‘County Hospital, he said, and his father was work­ ing out of the city. They were Italians, and an older sister who kept house now came to the door, but she could neither speak nor understand English. My impulse was to hurry on, for it was late and growing dark, when the thought came that here was a soul perhaps unsaved; what if he were “only a boy” ? So I spoke to him about salvation, but he did not understand. I then explained to him about our being lost, of our first par­ ents, their sin and fall; how now there are just two kinds of people in the world, the children of God and the children of Satan. An interest began to show in his face and then I told him the story of God’s love and how He gave Jesus to die for our sins; that Jesus is the Way back to God, just as the street car is the way to the city. That in order to be saved one must believe on Jesus Christ, not just believe about Him. One could never get to the city by standing on the corner and believing about tne car. You have to yield yourself to the car by taking three steps up and then you trust the ca r! So we must yield ourselves to Jesus Christ by three very definite steps. We must be­ lieve what God’s Word says about ourselves (Rom. 3 :23) and about Jesus Christ (John 5:24). This is the first step. We must re­ ceive Jesus Christ as our sin bearer and Saviour (John 1 :12); this is the second step. We must confess Jesus Christ as our Lord (Rom. 10:9) ; this is the third step.

taking old habits such as careless speech, slang, etc., out of her life by showing her it was not pleasing to Him, and He had given her the strength to resist when the temptation came. I found she had testified of her new-found Friend to her husband, two children, mother (a godly woman) and some neighbors who had come in and to­ gether with her husband were reading the Bible every night. A few testimonies from Bible classes: “My life is a changed life.” “God has become a real person to me, and the Bible a new book.” “In the church twenty years but con­ vinced by the Word. Never saved. Now I know that I am.” One in great financial straits said with tears, “I have great peace and quietness about the cares of this life, since our class has been going on.” Another is really resting in the blessed hope of His coming, a truth she had recog­ nized before, but never had gotten into her heart so it shaped her life. One young woman brought up in a con­ vent said, “I never dreamed the Bible was such a wonderful book,” and often remarks, “O, do we have to close.” We believe God has begun His work in her heart. Another girl who had been in sin, saved in study of Gospel of John, goes home in the North to witness to an unsaved mother. “I don’t call it ‘the Rose Room’ ” (the re­ treat set apart for the club girls), said a dear girl who is fighting a big battle for God. “I call it ‘my Courage Room.’ I go in tired and faint-hearted, but I always meet Him there and come out strong and ready to take up tlje fight for His sake.” The fellowship with this group of Chris­ tian girls has meant more to me than you can ever know,” said a high school student. “Growing up as I did in a ----- — Godless mountainous town, where the little churcn was more a club house than a place of wor­ ship, Christianity was to me a name, not a reality. I was a church member but not a member of Christ. Eagerly watching these

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