King's Business - 1915-02



on the steps of the porch where Emilio and I were standing, and though they could not have fully understood, yet the story of Jesus and His love had won their hearts, too, and in their childish way they wanted to be His, too. Who can tell just what it meant to God—that story told in the deepening twi­ light to three boys. Over and over a voice came to me as I hurried home, “and in the evening withhold not thy hand.” May all heed that wise word.

When we have taken these three steps, we have yielded ourselves to Jesus Christ, we have believed on Him, and He does the rest. He takes us back to God. We are saved. I saw he understood and when I asked him if he would like to make Jesus« his Master, and obey Him rather than Satan, doing just what Jesus says, his answer came quick and strong, “Sure, I will.” The little brothers, eight and eleven, had been listen­ ing, too, for they had come and taken seats

t h e t h r e e s t e p s


S HOULD an angel whisper to you, Ere you close your eyes tonight, “Jesus will come tomorrow, He’ll be here ere morning light”— What would your heartfelt response be? Would you with rapture arise, Saying, “I’ll watch for his appearing— Meet the first glance from his eyes” ? Or would you, with feeling of sadness, Wish he would longer delay, That you might begin in earnest To labor, and love, and pray?

Would you feel that though he saved you In the days so long ago, You had never wholly followed— Never sought his will to know? Content to accept salvation From the penalty of sin; Not seeking a real heart-cleansing, Or striving the lost to win? Christian, awake from thy slumber! See that thy “garments are white” ; “Buy gold” of him, “tried in the fire” ; Walk—as he walked—in the light. —M. T. H.

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