Gilbert Physical Therapy - February 2020

February 2020

GILBERT Gazette Shredding the Slopes PHYSICAL THERAPY Preparing to Continue My Wife’s Skiing TraditionWith Our Kids

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I’m a naturally competitive person, so when I married into a skiing family, you better believe I was tearing up those bunny hills! I learned how to ski from my wife and her family, and we hit the slopes at least six or seven times that first year. I was usually relegated to the bunny or green hills, but my wife and her father have perfected the craft of carving up the hill. I joke that my wife was like the mother hen of the group, carefully following behind each of us newbies and experienced skiers to make sure no one got hurt.

I’m not too ashamed to admit my wife could ski circles around me. I’ve learned how to tolerate cold weather, but I’m not the biggest fan of snow and cold-weather sports. However, I’ll never say no to an opportunity to learn a new sport, and my wife and her family were more than happy to share their hobby with me. Now that my wife and I have a family of our own, I know she’s itching to get our kids on the hill. My father-in-law taught my wife how to ski when she was little, and I have complete confidence in his ability to teach Liam, our oldest son. Liam will turn 4 years old in July, and he’s already beginning to hint that he has an affection for the outdoors and snow. In fact, he calls snow that doesn’t stick to the ground “white rain.” He’s often waiting for that first snowfall so he can tear through the yard and play, and we dread when we have to rip him away from the snow and bring him back inside for the evening. It’s been exciting to watch Liam as he grows up and comes out of his shell. He was really shy when he was entering nursery school last year, but he has grown tremendously this past year. He even knows how to count all the way up to 20 — kind of. He thinks 15, 16, and 17 are the same number, so he skips from 14 to 18. Other than that, he’s a pretty happy kid, minus the occasional toddler tantrum. Recently, it’s been amusing to watch Liam and his younger sister, Paige, start to interact. Paigey will be 2 years old in April, and she’s running a mile a minute trying to keep up with her older brother.

Just the other day, Liam taught his sister how to jump off the couch. You can imagine the heart attack my wife and I had when she tried to launch like her brother does toward the dog bed, but her legs don’t have quite enough strength to actually propel her forward. Instead, she just fell! Now that she’s grown past the baby stage, Paige is actually starting to play with more toys, too. Often, you’ll set a baby down in front of some toys, and they will toss them around. Now, we get to see Paigey’s mind in action as she plays and speaks! But at just 2, it’s hard to tell if Paige will be tearing down the slopes like my wife or hanging out in the lodge warming up after a few runs like me. Regardless of who picks up this talent, I know my wife is excited to pass along a family tradition.

–Dr. Jon Milliron 1

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