August PCSBV Newsletter 2023

Open Communication: Honest and transparent communication with your employer is crucial. Inform them about your diagnosis, current health status, and potential impact on your work performance. This dialogue fosters understanding and opens the door for possible workplace accommodations. Utilize Assistance Programs: Many companies and communities offer programs that provide counseling, support services, and resources for those facing challenges. Reach out to these programs to seek emotional support and guidance during difficult times. Advocate for Workplace Accommodations: Work with your employer to identify reasonable accommodations that can help you perform your duties effectively. This could include workspace modifications like ergonomic supports, flexible work options like remote or part-time schedules, or assistive technology. Once you have had these conversations with your colleagues, the next step is to be proactive and develop strategies to help you navigate the workforce with grace and resilience:

Prioritize Self-Care: Managing a life-changing illness while working requires self-care. Listen to your body and know when to take breaks. Engage in stress-reduction techniques, such as meditation or counseling, to maintain emotional well- being. Network and Seek Support: Connect with colleagues, mentors, or support groups to share and learn from others who may have similar experiences. Their insights and encouragement can be invaluable during this time. Review Employee Benefits : Familiarize yourself with your company's benefits, including health insurance, disability leave, and sick pay. Understanding these resources will help you plan and make informed decisions about your work and health. Facing employment challenges while experiencing a life- changing diagnosis necessitates a proactive and open- minded approach. Remember, you have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, and there are resources available to help you balance your health and professional life. If you are seeking more information about the supports we can offer at PCSBV, please contact our office at or (403) 707 – 7111.

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