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them have been very generous with their knowledge — I get to learn something new every single day.” Irene’s love of learning is contagious. “Recently we’ve been talking a lot about scanners,” she says enthusiastically. “It turns out they need specific file types for scans to fit a given practice’s systems. Treatment protocol has to marry up from beginning to end.” Not only does Irene savor the inside knowledge of what it takes to run a modern orthodontic practice, it also helps her better understand her customers’ needs. And the benefits show. Here at Ortho Technology, we conduct regular surveys of our customers to ensure that we’re giving you the service you deserve. We’ve received countless stellar reviews, and the best part, according to Irene, is that we hear the same sort of compliments again and again. “People are always saying that we’re knowledgeable and easy to work with. It makes us really, really proud to get such positive feedback!” Given Irene’s passion for her work, we had to know if she has a favorite product. “My favorite products are the ones that are important but simple,” Irene tells us, “because often those are going to make a difference to the doctor several times a day.” She uses our Pinnacle ® stainless steel bracket to illustrate her point. “Most practices are using brackets designed over 15 years ago, but there have been so many

advances in just the past five years. Things like anti-rotation

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features and micro-etched pylon bases have gone a long way in improving both the experiences of doctors and their patients.” The improved experience is more than a sales pitch to Irene. “You see, back when I was growing up, braces were just for rich kids,” Irene reflects. “But by the time I had my daughter, they were affordable. After she was treated, her smile had so much more confidence! I could only imagine if I could smile like that at her age.” Expanding on this perspective, she adds, “Behind everything we do here at Ortho Tech, the end result is someone with a more confident smile.” She has a way of putting things in perspective. From 16-year-olds finding a new sense of confidence to those who take better care of their teeth, Irene keeps the end result of her work close to her heart. Outside the office, Irene describes herself as “a very simple girl.” She likes exploring everything the outdoors has to offer, whether that means hiking or paddling a canoe. And whether she travels by foot or by paddle, you can bet her dog Emerson will tag along for the adventure. Irene Davis is an amazing, inspiring member of our team. Her years of service and stellar customer reviews show just how far a compassionate, open mind can take you. Thanks, Irene!

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This month, we want to shine a spotlight on one of our star team members: Irene Davis. As the team lead for domestic inside sales, she has helped countless orthodontists, technicians, and staff members find the products that keep their practices running smoothly. Having been at Ortho Technology for almost 13 years, Irene has a customer service style all her own, with her bright, caring personality and genuine passion for learning. We sat down with this star sales rep to learn more about her and what she enjoys most about the Ortho Tech experience. “Our customers are incredible,” Irene says, smiling. “I’ve always been a science nerd, and with this job, I get to talk to some of the smartest professionals from all over the world. So many of

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