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TRANSACTIONS MABBETT BOLSTERS ECOLOGY & PLANNING OFFERING WITH NEVIS ENVIRONMENTAL ASSET ACQUISITION Mabbett has acquired the assets of Nevis Environmental Ltd. The acquisition of the independent ecology, environmental management, and planning services consultancy will bolster Mabbett’s technical team and skill sets and provision of environmental management support for infrastructure projects. Mabbett will enjoy enhanced geographic coverage following the deal. Speaking about the investment, Mabbett Managing Director, Derek J. McNab, said:

“Mabbett has respected the strength of the Nevis Environmental technical team over recent years through their strong profile and long-established reputation for delivering quality ecology and planning consultancy services. Their team values and attributes make them a great fit for Mabbett and we look forward to integrating and working together to our mutual benefit in the years ahead.” Kathryn Fraser, Director, Ecology & Environment Group, commented: “Joining the Mabbett family is a great opportunity to expand our technical service offering and enhance our

geographical coverage. I look forward to continuing to work with my team, enhancing the personal and first-class service offering we are renowned for and embracing the new opportunities the deal with Mabbett will bring.” Established in 1996, we are a leading consultancy offering planning, design, environmental, engineering and safety services with a focus on helping you to “See a Difference.” Mabbett’s team support clients through the planning process; delivers innovative design solutions; and achieves clients’ net-zero goals.

measure to the best employee experience that we offer them. After all, we know that a career path isn’t always linear, so we give them paths to follow their passions – and to grow where they want to grow. ■ ■ Our people want to be part of a community, something bigger than themselves. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Garver is the Garver culture. It’s one of the main reasons people come to work for us. It’s also, however, one of most difficult things to describe about working at Garver. Because it’s doesn’t come from the top. It’s something that has taken shape over our 103-year history. It’s organic and woven throughout our company. But even though it’s difficult to describe, there’s one thing that we can say about it for certain: Culture begins as a community. It’s why we’ve established a range of companywide initiatives, ranging from GarverGives to Garver Connect to GarverU to Garver Summit. Because we know these initiatives foster collaboration and cultivate culture not just within our business lines – whether that’s aviation, or transportation, or water – but all across our company. Because ultimately, that culture has to grow on its own. Our corporate structure provides opportunities for that culture to take root, develop, and flourish on the local level – in the day-to-day interactions that people have with one another. All of this comes down to something fundamental: If we’re building people, we can build teams. If we can build teams, we can build a company. It all starts with people. Frank McIllwain, PE, is director of aviation at Garver. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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That might seem like a lot, but it makes sense based on what we’ve heard from our people. As engineering, architectural, planning, and environmental professionals, our work – the infrastructure that we design and oversee construction of – is centered on the safety and welfare of the public. But people want to know that they’re not just making a difference professionally, but personally. They want fulfillment that comes from serving local communities on a personal level. And with GarverGives, that’s exactly what they’re doing. ■ ■ Our people want to be recognized for their work – and they want opportunities to grow. This point might seem simple. That’s because it is. Of course, people are here because they love Garver. They love our award-winning culture. They love the opportunities we provide to help them give back to their communities. But we know that’s not the only reason they’re here. Our people have families. They have children and pets and homes and mortgages. They have lives outside of everything they do here at Garver. That’s why we compensate and reward our people for the hard work they do – with competitive salaries, with bonuses, with time off, with recognition, whether that’s financial recognition or verbal recognition. We believe it’s important to have those things in a culture of the greatest employee experience. More than that, however, we’re providing them with opportunities to grow. We achieve this through mentoring programs, career path development, and training tailored for each employee, all of which contribute in no small

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