Summer 2022 Spotlight

This book highlights new textile and wallcovering releases from Momentum for Summer 2022



FEATURE COLLECTIONS Sina Pearson - At the Museum Upholstery Collection 4 Momentum Hospitality Upholstery 14 Woven Silica Wallcoverings 28 UPHOLSTERY Clean Vinyl Upholstery 32 WALLCOVERING Clean Vinyl Type II Wallcoverings 34 Lanark,Versa, Magnolia, Stacy Garcia,Tower & Symphony Handcrafted Wallcovering 46 Versa PVC Free Type II Wallcovering 48 WALL PROTECTION Vantage II PVC Free Wall Protection 49


Recycled Content

Bleach Cleanable ✔


Time to go back again. AT THE MUSEUM a collection by Sina Pearson

With motifs that are as minimal and spare as the abstract art that inspired them, the At the Museum Collection takes us on a tour of early expressionist and modern art we might find in our favorite museum. Experimenting with graphic elements and limited color palettes, artists in the 1950’s-1960’s explored abstract art and minimalism, creating a new movement that asked the viewer to respond directly to their individualistic ideas and the materials used to create their work.


COLOR WORKS | At the Museum Collection | Sina Pearson Inspired by the over-scaled and minimalist paintings by artists like Ellsworth Kelly, Color Works provides a bold and fresh statement of shape, color, and form. A leader in the 1960’s abstract expressionist movement, Kelly played with simple geometric shapes on flat surfaces bringing new energy to the modern art movement. With its large scale and random repeat, Color Works also brings excitement to large or small seating pieces. Woven with dimensional boucle yarns, Color Works’ colorful square and rectangular shapes float on a neutral white field not unlike that of the artist’s own painted canvases. 73% acrylic, 27% polyester | 75,000 double rubs 5 ✔

Momentum Sina Pearson Collection | 7

MEZZOTINT | At the Museum Collection | Sina Pearson With a multi-toned surface rich with depth and interest, Mezzotint is at once a modern and eminently usable texture. Named after the engraving technique that allows for gradations of light and dark tones. Mezzotint is woven with textured yarns designed to mimic wool but are in fact bleach cleanable and harsh chemical safe. This high- performance durable textile will be an instant classic and perform on any upholstered seating. 73% acrylic, 27% polyester | 102,000 double rubs 13 ✔

8 | Momentum Sina Pearson Collection

FRAGMENTS | At the Museum Collection | Sina Pearson Fragments takes its inspiration from Louise Nevelson’s monumental abstract works made of discarded wooden objects found on the streets of New York City. Our motifs, floating on a flat background, show what could be the beginning of a collage of the intricately cut shapes in her iconic pieces. Randomly placed throughout the surface, they lend an abstract quality to the fabric, yet the organized repeat that grounds the pattern can easily be found. 50% polyester, 27% recycled post-consumer recycled polyester, 23% nylon 102,000 double rubs 9 ✔

STAIRCASE | At the Museum Collection | Sina Pearson Inspired by the controlled line drawings of artists like Sol Le Witt and Frank Stella, Staircase has added surface dimension that creates a more tactile experience and enhances its high contrast color combinations. While it looks fragile, the quilted matelassé weave is constructed to be extraordinarily durable and is cleanable with dilute bleach solution or harsh chemicals. 71% post-consumer recycled polyester, 11% polyester, 18% nylon | 100,000 double rubs


10 | Momentum Sina Pearson Collection

CLIP At the Museum Collection | Sina Pearson Regarded as a pioneer of expressionism, Paul Klee paved the way for other modern artists of the 20th century. Clip recalls the playful forms of Klee’s late experimental works. The mid-scale pattern makes it highly usable for all kinds of seating while its tactile construction feels fresh and modern. 85% post-consumer recycled polyester, 15% nylon | 100,000 double rubs 12 ✔

OVALS At the Museum Collection | Sina Pearson Like fine pencil lines drawn on a canvas, we weave elongated shapes onto a seemingly handcrafted background and create our pattern Ovals. The quietly controlled motifs that create the soothing rhythm remind us of the work of minimalist artists like Agnes Martin. Especially suitable for corporate or hospitality interiors, the fabric’s smaller scale forms a pattern that can act like a texture. 75% post-consumer polyester, 25% nylon 100,000 double rubs


12 | Momentum Sina Pearson Collection


With Momentum Hospitality collection, our textile offering is expanding to offer price points from budget to luxury. We cover all your hospitality textile needs with a warm, welcoming feel, lead times and price points targeted for your projects. And yes, you can still count on us for your guest room seating and much more.


DISSOLVE Momentum Hospitality Upholstery An effervescent design with versatility. It can be used as a more relatable version of an animal print or to complement a soft and fluid, water- inspired theme. An allover layout makes it easy to upholster and the two-color pattern uses an end-and-end warp to create light and dark shading to add dimension and depth to the artwork. 100% polyester | 60,000 double rubs 6

16 | Momentum Hospitality Collection

REMARK Momentum Hospitality Upholstery This sumptuous small-scale patterned velvet has a wet luster with glimpses of metallic. The minimalist shape is rooted in geometric form but is interpreted with rounded edges and movement for a subtle energy. Pattern Remark coordinates nicely into several on-trend aesthetic directions, including Art Deco, Vintage Chic, and Minimalist Luxury. 59% polyester, 41% rayon 50,000 double rubs 13

Lasting Luxury.

FOUNDRY Momentum Hospitality Upholstery

Its modern baroque aesthetic is inspired by old world classical motifs like tilework and ironwork. Foundry is imagined as a complement to older historical buildings that are rejuvenated into modern hospitality spaces. Luscious high-pile chenille creates a deep and rich texture. 61% acrylic, 39% polyester | 40,000 double rubs Passes IMO Part 8 with proper components


WOOLIE Momentum Hospitality Upholstery Shearling was imagined in every category from fashion accessories to home décor. Our Woolie design embraces this cozy aesthetic and brings it to the contract market. With a focus on natural wool-inspired colors, it features a Nanotex finish to perform to hospitality standards. It uses a chenille construction, but this fleecy beauty will not snag or pill. 100% polyester | 50,000 double rubs 16

Momentum Hospitality Collection | 19

Texture. Warmth.

20 | Momentum Hospitality Collection

SWIRLSCAPE | Momentum Hospitality Upholstery Undulating lines create a swirling landscape of rich texture in this soft chenille construction. Swirlscape can easily be used as a solid, but its fluidity and movement draws unique interest. Inspired by natural landscapes, the colors draw from nature’s complex and moody neutrals, like stone, mineral and wood tones. 55% polyester, 38% acrylic, 7% rayon | 70,000 double rub Passes IMO Part 8 with proper components 13

VARA | Momentum Hospitality Upholstery With velvet’s ongoing popularity, trends are ripe for variations on the theme. This heathered velvet offers an interesting alternative. It is felt-like tonal contrast and sensuously inviting feel are a distinctive take on the velvet bonanza. It has a tailored feel, with a short pile and an incredibly soft hand.

100% polyester | 40,000 double rubs Passes IMO Part 8 with proper components 21

TIMELESS | Momentum Hospitality Upholstery This mohair-style velvet has a beautiful luster and substantial weight that says ‘luxury.’ Timeless is a classic velvet (the Faux Mo construction without a moisture barrier), reimagined in hospitality colors at a hospitality price point. 67% post-consumer recycled polyester, 33% polyester | 50,000 double rubs Passes IMO Part 8 with proper components 21

Momentum Hospitality | 23

Soft. Inviting.

ARLO | Momentum Hospitality Upholstery This soft and chunky texture is given added interest by the combination of boucle and chenille yarns. Combined with chenille, the effect is soft and inviting. 84% Olefin, 16% Polyester | 60,000 double rubs Passes IMO with proper components

12 ✔

FABLE | Momentum Hospitality Upholstery A multicolored textural plain with the subtlety and variation reminiscent of natural stone and marble. Incorporating two sizes of blended boucle yarns in a random layout, Fable achieves a textural appeal with movement and streaks of tonal color. 78% Olefin, 22% Polyester | 60,000 double rubs Passes IMO with proper components


Momentum Hospitality Collection | 25

Pure. Performance.

PLUSH LIFE Momentum Hospitality Upholstery

Plush Life is not only extremely soft and beautiful; it is hard-working, functional, and ready for places and spaces where life hits hard. Made of woven chenille yarns in a casually elegant weave, the fabric incorporates coated technology to create a liquid barrier. Features Supreen™ Liquid Barrier and PFOAS free Soil and stain resistant finish 100% polyester | 100,000 double rubs 25 ✔

• Meets or exceeds ACT standards for contract upholstery. • Backing and PFC/PFOA Free soil resistant finish applied. • Prop 65 compliant. • No added fire retardant chemicals & CAL AB-2998 compliant. • No added anti-bacterial/anti-microbial chemicals

• Lead/heavy metal free, BPA free, tris free, formaldehyde free & no conflict minerals • REACH Compliant

Momentum Hospitality Collection | 27

Get the particulates with Woven Silica Composed of silica sand and a bio-based coating, our award-winning Woven Silica wallcovering starts out as silica sand. It is melted into thin fibers, preserving most of the glass characteristics while not being brittle, and then woven into a unique wallcovering substrate. With our unique CleanAir technology, our Woven Silica wallcovering provides a solution to absorb and permanently capture formaldehyde from the air even when the material is stripped off the wall and disposed of. Woven Silica, PVC free wallcovering provides peace of mind for your next project.


Momentum Woven Silica Collection | 29



MAYA Woven Silica Wallcovering

Emulating trickling droplets of water over a waterfall, a delicate vertical stria emerges with tonal layers of color. Maya’s twelve colorways capture a range of cool, water-like neutrals and warm earth-tone colorways, highlighted with subtle hints of metallic. Meets or exceeds some Type II requirements | 54”


ONSLOW | Woven Silica Wallcovering Mimicking calm waves washing over sandy beaches, this PVC Free pattern; provides a subtle, multi-dimensional vertical and horizontal pattern. Meets or exceeds some Type II requirements | 54”


Momentum Woven Silica Collection | 31

COTTON CV Clean Vinyl Upholstery

This lovely leaf-like printed Clean Vinyl is styled to look as though it incorporates a boucle yarn and looks remarkably like a woven textile. Its sophisticated styling and beautiful colorations will impress and delight healthcare designers. 100% Clean Vinyl/Phthalate Free 250,000 Double Rubs


FIDGET CV Clean Vinyl Upholstery

Simple and modern, pattern Fidget is a great new option for healthcare interiors. The design was inspired by a pattern on an antique porcelain tile. It presents a popular healthcare motif in a new and unique way. It is somewhat floral, somewhat geometric, and very useable. The colorations help it seamlessly fit with other fabrics and finishes. 100% Clean Vinyl/Phthalate Free 250,000 Double Rubs 9 ✔

YARNPLAY CV Clean Vinyl Upholstery

Colorful and textural, Yarnplay CV offers healthcare designers all they could hope for and more. This coordinate can be used in combination with a wide variety of our other other performance driven products. It is a

sophisticated workhorse that sells. 100% Clean Vinyl/Phthalate Free 250,000 Double Rubs


Momentum Clean Vinyl Textiles | 33

FRENCH CROWN Type II Clean Vinyl Wallcovering

A large-scale geometric diamond pattern inspired by French Art Deco architecture. A modern decorative fan shell design, the jewel and brilliant neutral tones add a refined luxurious look. Merging matte and metal, French Crown is a unique dimensional linework pattern and an elegant gem for all environments. Type II | 52/54” width | Non-woven, 50% post-consumer recycled content backing 12 ✔

MODERN WEAVE Type II Clean Vinyl Wallcovering

Modern Weave, a type II clean vinyl features a signature textile like emboss. Combining the allure of delicate linen slub with a combination of matte and metallic tip-prints to create surface depth and dimension. Type II | 52/54” width | Osnaburg Backing 17 ✔

WELSH Type II Clean Vinyl Wallcovering

Emulating a refined boucle textile with subtle contrast, Welsh is clean and sophisticated type II clean vinyl. Inspired by early English book printing techniques, classic tweed textiles and 17th Century engravings; Created by combining small geometric impressions with a refined and soft linen texture; Inspired by Old Master relief printing manuscripts; the small imprints merge seamlessly with the light texture. Type II | 52/54” width | Osnaburg Backing

16 ✔

Momentum Lanark Collection | 35

STERLING HEIGHTS Type II Clean Vinyl | Versa Wallcovering Sterling Heights offers a refined emboss enhanced by a metallic or opaque tip print. Intersecting threads create a delicate lattice that resembles gauze or loosely woven linen. This diaphanous textile is both usable and luxurious. Sterling Heights provides an added level detail and interest to any wall surface. Type II | 52/54” width Osnaburg Backing 16

36 | Momentum Versa Collection

PATINA BLOCKS Type II Clean Vinyl | Versa Wallcovering A mid-scale signature emboss with an architectural structure that is softened by layers of patina and weathered texture. The print and emboss work harmoniously to create a striking, industrial effect on the wall. Type II | 52/54” width | Osnaburg Backing 13 ✔


RAVELED | Type II Clean Vinyl | Stacy Garcia Wallcovering A fractal herringbone plaid becomes an art masterpiece that combines modern geometry with the elegance of heritage. Available in a six-color palette of nature- inspired colors, it is nuanced by a subtle reveal of textural gloss beneath. Type II | 52/54” width | Non-woven, 50% post-consumer recycled content backing York Defender® Premier Antimicrobial Protection finish


38 | Momentum Stacy Garcia Collection



TIGHT KNIT Type II Clean Vinyl | Stacy Garcia Wallcovering This classic fabric weave springs to life when defined by layers of fine, multi-color threads combined with a deep, textural hand to produce quiet elegance alive with fresh color. A palette offering of thirteen create a powerful presence of neutral, mineral, and exclusive designer shades for ease of use in any project. Type II | 52/54” width | Osnaburg Backing

13 ✔

HOME AT LAST | Type II Clean Vinyl | Magnolia Home Wallcovering Watercolor brushstrokes illustrate a series of hand-embroidered cross stitches for a unique twist on this simple pattern form. It is offered in a soothing, natural, five-color palette that is easy to place in any space. Type II | 52/54” width | Non-woven backing 5 ✔

SUIT YOURSELF | Type II Clean Vinyl | Magnolia Home Wallcovering The diminutive stripe of this pattern is inspired by the textural weave of a classic herringbone. Nine colors define a subtle palette of naturals imbued with warm, casual elegance. Type II | 52/54” width | Osnaburg Backing


Type II Clean Vinyl Wallcovering | 41

SCRAPE | Type II Clean Vinyl | Tower Wallcovering Scrape showcases the trowel marks and the build-up of layers that glaze the surface. A rich translucency of texture gives a traditional polished appearance. Type II | 52/54” width | Osnaburg Backing


SCRAPE N’ SCRATCH | Type II Clean Vinyl A rich translucency of texture gives a traditional polished appearance. The master plasterer takes this classic art form in a contemporary direction with the addition of

abstracted mark-making in Scrape N’ Scratch. Type II | 52/54” width | Osnaburg Backing



Glimmer Linen will leave you doing a double-take as “simple linen” struts beyond its humble roots in this show-stopping pattern. Type II | 52/54” width | Osnaburg Backing 16 ✔

Momentum Tower Collection | 43

INK SPOT LINEN Type II Clean Vinyl | Symphony Wallcovering A classic linen that embodies its muse an artist’s canvas. Adding an edge to this traditional textile, Ink Spot Linen plays with texture and pops of color. Thoughtfully curated colorways allow accent hues and tones to be highlighted within your space. Type II | 54” width | Osnaburg Backing

16 ✔

44 | Momentum Symphony Collection

INK SPOTS Type II Clean Vinyl | Symphony Wallcovering As each ink droplet finds its place, a layered pattern of lush color appears. Inspired by an Artist’s drop cloth, Ink Spots delicately paints the surface with soft strokes of varying transparency. The unique gatherings of pigment create a gentle balance between the positive and negative space. Type II | 54” width | Osnaburg Backing



Art for the walls.

MAGLIA Handcrafted Wallcovering Collection Maglia’s horizontal texture and blended metal structure was inspired by woven grass cloth. The hand washing technique highlights the grid effect; creating a small-scale mesh layer that blends natural and industrial elements. 27”width | Non-woven backing


Momentum Handcrafted Wallcovering Collection | 47

SISLEY | Versa PVC Free Type II Wallcovering A rustic textile effect created by the marriage of a subtle print and a dimensional woven emboss. Reminiscent of aged burlap, the surface of this design has an intriguing tactile quality. The palette draws on natural tones with an offering of soft neutrals accentuated with ochre, sage, and deep blue. Type II | 20 oz | 52/54” width | Osnaburg backing 13 ✔

48 | Momentum Versa PVC Free Type II Wallcovering

VANTAGE II PERCALE Versa PVC Free Wall Protection Percale pairs a rounded linen emboss and a delicate crosshatch print to create a natural textile effect. Layers of metallic ink give the pattern a refined luster and accentuate the depth of the emboss. The palette is comprised of warm, organic hues ranging from versatile neutrals to playful accents such as sage, ochre, and rust. Type II | 52/54” width Osnaburg Backing

13 ✔

Momentum Vantage II Wall Protection | 49


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