University Lands FY20 Annual Report

RENEWABLE ENERGY UL’s commitment to renewable energy development sets the foundation for our strategy of being one of the largest renewable lessors in the state. With the continuing maturity of wind and solar and UL’s desire to expand this business line, we began exploring opportunities for more renewable energy development on PUF Lands. In 2020, UL expanded its renewable energy portfolio with 3 new solar projects that began development. At the close of FY2020, UL had 13 active renewable energy leases on 79,000 acres with a combined capacity of 1,512 MWdc (megawatt direct current). This position makes us one of the largest single lessors of renewable energy in the state of Texas.

1. 1,824 Acres/200 MW Capacity 2. 1,200 Acres/150 MW Capacity 3. 1,423 Acres/150 MW Capacity 4. 3,775 Acres/250 MW Capacity 5. 123 Acres/15 MW Capacity 6. 69 Acres/10 MW Capacity 7. 1,900 Acres/150 MW Capacity 8. 2,469 Acres/200 MW Capacity SOLAR LEASES

Three wind farms in operation on University Lands 3 5 2 300,000 Five solar projects under construction on University Lands Two wind power projects in development phase as viability is being determined Renewable energy projects could power ~300,000 Texas houses ACTIVITY HIGHLIGHTS


9. 1,487 Acres/35 MW Capacity 10. 2,500 Acres/37 MW Capacity 11. 7,758 Acres/32.5 MW Capacity 12. 43,000 Acres/270 MW Capacity 13. 12,309 Acres/175 MW Capacity


Surface Management

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