University Lands FY20 Annual Report


Mirabeau B. Lamar urges the Congress of the Republic of Texas to establish the foundation for a vast system of higher education 1838

1839 Fifty leagues (220,000 acres) of land are set aside by Congress for the establishment and endowment of a university

1876 The State of Texas Constitution appropriates 1 million acres of land in West Texas to the Permanent University Fund (PUF). These lands would become known as PUF Lands 1883

An additional 1 million acres are added to PUF Lands

Oil is discovered at the Santa Rita #1 well on PUF Lands in Reagan County, and the PUF endowment receives its first royalty check for $516.53 1923

1929 The Board for Lease of University Lands is created

2009 The Permian Basin shale boom begins

2019 University Lands records the highest production of oil and gas from PUF Lands in its history


Fiscal Year 2020 Annual Report


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