FotoNostrum Issue No.4 EN

FRANK PETERS Visual Poetry F rank Peters’ work can be described as visual poetry. But why? How does he see the world and what is the story behind his minimalistic images? Frank Peters is an award-winning fine art photographer based in The Netherlands. Last year, he won the International Photography Awards (IPA, New York) category Minimalism and he has been awarded in international photography contests since 2015. Peters is specialized in Minimalism and long exposures; he uses shutter speeds up to six minutes and creates his images with great dedication. Therefore, he sees them as unique artworks and sells them only once or in extremely limited editions.

© Frank Peters by Martin Curtis

All images © Frank Peters

Right page: Study of a Bathing Jetty, Zeeland, Netherlands, from the series Study of a Bathing Jetty series 3 , 2019



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