American Crematory Equipment Catalog

AMERICAN CREMATORY OPERATING SYSTEMS All of the American Combustion Systems (except the EM models) come standard with our “TRILOGY” operating platform. The TRILOGY system is a Siemens-based platform that includes Siemen’s flame safeguards, remote display and resets, motor starters, relays contacts, actuators and butterfly valves. This system is engineered to outperform the competition and provide our customers with piece-of-mind. Our engineering and product implementation is how we can give a 2 & 3-year component warranty. American Crematory has the best warranty in the industry. *This warranty does not include refractory*

Introducing the top of the line Operating System in the Cremation Industry. UNIFIED OPERATING SYSTEM

Introducing American Crematory’s Unified Operating System. Unified OS encompasses all of the advanced features our clients have come to love with our Instant Access, Guardian D.A.S, and Aries Systems. However, the Unified platform goes even further. The updated hardware and software package, user interface, and HMI design is unprecedented. Not only is the system visually appealing, it is a one- of-a-kind scalable graphic design. (Operates just like a smart device). The Unified OS was developed to maximize throughput, efficiency, control and increase operator ability. Users will find the system helps them do their jobs more effectively. The organizational features on the back end will help owners, managers and operators track how efficiently their equipment is running. Unified turns your cremation unit into a smart logic piece of equipment and helps ensure the future success of your business.


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Program for Days Run and Weeks Run

• Operator Assistance: Our direct link allows “ACE” the ability to control, monitor and assist your staff with the cremation process of a difficult or specialty case. • O2 Monitor and Control, allows “ACE” to make adjustments via the internet to your cremation system to insure peak performance and efficient operation. • Web Cam: Optional web cam allows you to monitor the cremation room and stack emissions during operation. • Trending / Analysis program • Production Reporting: Immediate access to daily, monthly, and YTD reports in PDF format. Maintenance Notifications: Provides operators with illuminated messages to remind him/her when specific service issues need to be addressed. • Data Storage: Stores all of your cremation system’s data in the “cloud”. • • Maintenance Reporting: Provides detailed Service and Repair History for your cremation system in PDF format. (Provides the customer the ability to track and monitor the cremation system for budgetary purposes). • • Updated User Interface. Experience the new sleek blue design. • Advanced functions designed to maximize throughput for your business. • H.M.I - Built-in new & improved D.A.S. Next level human machine interface. Communication Link Directly to American Crematory Equipment Co., allows “ACE” to access your cremation system to provide immediate troubleshooting and diagnostic support.

Dashboard of Production

• Turns your unit into a smart logic piece of equipment. • Smart Touch-Screen control & operation. • PC Interface: Remotely access your cremation system through virtual network computing anywhere the internet is available. • Tablet option available • No computer tower necessary • The computer can be built into the H.M.I.


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