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Introducing American Crematory’s R4 Processing Units & Starter Kit!

Introducing American Crematory’s Metallic Recycling Processing Stations. These processors allow you to automatically separate metallic material from remains, giving families dignified returns ready for scatter. Recycling metals associated with cremation services is a great way to positively impact your community. By recycling these metals, you can donate to a number of charities and local organizations in your area working on important initiatives that your community needs and values. Not only that, but recycling also helps reduce costs and allows you to provide the best possible services for your customers. In short, recycling cremation metals ensures that all members of your community are being taken care of and that you’re offering the best service possible. Lastly, protecting the environment from heavy metal pollution is important and we want to make sure family members can safely scatter ashes on land and sea.



The R4-M Metallic Recycling Processing Station utilizes the latest pulverization and magnetic technology to separate metals from remains. This technology has revolutionized the way we separate metallic metals. It’s efficient, easy to use, and a great way to decrease airborne dust. The R4-M allows you to effectively separate and collect ferrous and non-ferrous material with great precision.

Tried and true processing pot hardware in combination with new sifting technology, provides an efficient and cost effective recycling solution for your funeral home. The R4-S has a simple learning curve and will leave your operators feeling empowered to effectively serve their business and community.

R4 STARTER KIT Start your R4 process with the right equipment: ACC0141 Scale ACC0142 Sifter ACC0143 Mortar & Pestle ACC0035 Handle Magnet



Mortar & Pestle




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