American Crematory Equipment Catalog

Crematory Work Station Make receiving cases faster and easier with this workstation. Cremation containers, forms, supplies and tools are clean, dry and organized ready to use whenever and wherever you need them. The Crematory Work Cart is tough—built from durable, heavy-gauge steel and engineered to stand up to everything your crematory can dish out. The optional accessory bundle lets you customize your workstation to meet your operation needs. • Easy to customize with optional shelves, baskets, and hooks. • Upright container storage saves valuable floor space. • Seriously tough, all-steel construction, 600 lb. capacity. • Fold-up table for assembling containers and paperwork. • Heavy-duty wheels for easy mobility.


Work Station

Storage & Cooling Racks American Crematory’s custom designed storage racks allow you to store numerous standard and cardboard caskets in a minimal space. Each shelf has rollers every 12 inches for easy loading and unloading from your lift table. Built to last, sections are either bolted or welded together for easy assembly (shippable units are bolted not welded).All portable racks are available in either side load or front load, and come with heavy duty casters. Laminate boards can also be provided upon request. Call for pricing.

ACC0012 ACC0013 ACC0014 ACC0015

3 Body Rack

3 Body Rack - Stainless Steel

4 Body Rack

4 Body Rack - Stainless Steel

Cremation Pan Cooling Rack Cooling racks for your cremation pans. Available in 2 or 4 pan configurations. Custom racks for your specific needs. Please call for more information.

PTU0006 PTU0026 PTU0007 PTU0027

Cremation Pan Cooling Rack - 2 Shelves Cremation Pan Cooling Rack - 3 Shelves Cremation Pan Cooling Rack - 4 Shelves Cremation Pan Cooling Rack - 5 Shelves


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