Average East Hawkesbury bill up

Last year, the owner of a home evaluated

at $121,294 paid $599 in township taxes,


$608 in county taxes and $280 in school

taxes. Garbage collection fees increase from

Despite a decrease in tax rates,

$148.50 to $153.50; the recycling rate stays

because of higher property values, taxes

at $37.50.

in East Hawkesbury Township will

For sanitary sewage systems, the charges

increase by an average of about $44 this

remain at $350 in Ste-Anne, $200 per unit in


St-Eugène and $500 in Chute-à-Blondeau.

The municipality has decreased its rate

The township has applied $198,096 from


its 2011 surplus to reduce general taxes,

counties’ levy has dropped by 2.12 per

$32,154 to reduce garbage charges and $888

cent and the school boards’ portion has

to reduce sewer charges. The municipality

dipped by 4.33 per cent. However, because

has allocated $2.9 million for operating

most property assessments have increased

expenses. The roads department, where

by about six per cent, most residents will

$861,302 was spent in 2011, has been

Photo Richard Mahoney

see rises in their taxes this year. Based on

allocated $995,200. The fee charged by the

East Hawkesbury ismoving a section of a road away from this water course.

an example provided by the municipality,

Ontario Provincial Police will increase from

taxes on a residential property will rise by

$385,745 to $398,910. General government

Landslide prevention job

$43.55 this year. However, for those whose

is expected to cost $407,600, compared to

evaluation has not increased, the owner of

$467,116 last year. The fire department has

Believing in the “Better safe than sorry” adage, the Township of East Hawkesbury

a $100,000 home will see taxes decrease

been allotted $206,345, compared to

is moving a section of Concession 7 out of harm’s way.

from $1,226.52 to $1,188.38.

$272,303 in 2011. Protective inspection and

The municipality has set aside $83,500 in its budget this year to relocate a corner

The township is working with a budget

control have been budgeted $63,600 up

away from the bank of the Rigaud River.

of about $3.4 million this year.

from the actual cost of $62,408 in 2011.

After purchasing a piece of land for $15,000 last year, the township is ready for the

The total collected for municipal

Recreation has been budgeted $68,751,

re-alignment of the route this summer.

purposes will increase by about 2 per cent

compared to $132,907 spent on this service

With erosion causing concern, the municipality commissioned a soil test which

from $1,288,643 to $1,360,018.

in 2011. Capital expenditures this year will

concluded that the curve could be either shored up or moved. The township opted for

In 2012, the owner of a house evaluated

total $505,365. This sum includes a $177,705

the least expensive course of action – relocating the curve north of the existing

at $128,851 will pay $1,531.24 in property

tanker for the fire department and a new

roadway, explains chief administrative officer Linda Rozon.

taxes. Last year, the owner of a home

snow plow valued at $215,000. A sum of

assessed at $121,294 paid $1,487.69 in

$83,500 has been set aside for work on


Concession 7 and $29,160 has been

This year’s total includes $614.44 in


municipal taxes, $632.04 for the united

sports field.

counties of Prescott-Russell, and $284.76

These expenses are being financed by a

for school boards.

reserve and federal funds.

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